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August 12, 2020 / Bangladesh

bKash payments are now available: As a rider in Bangladesh, you are welcome to add and use bKash as a payment method for your Uber account.

How to add bKash as a payment method?

  • Touch Menu, then “Wallet” or “Payment”
  • Tap “Add Payment Method”
  • Tap “bKash” and add your account info.

How to delete bKash from your app?

Check that your account and phone’s region is Bangladesh. If bKash is not included in your payment method options, you may need to delete and reinstall the app on your device.

  • Touch Menu, then “Wallet” or “Payment”
  • Click on bKash under the displayed payment methods
  • In the top right corner, click on the “Delete” button displayed.

How to select bKash as the payment method for a ride?

  • Enter the destination and pick-up locations in the “Where to?” box
  • Select the vehicle type for the trip
  • Click on the Payment Method that is already shown as selected, and here from the options present, you may choose bKash.

What’s the minimum bKash balance needed to book a ride?

  • In order for the app to accept your request, your bKash wallet needs to have a balance at least equal to your trip’s up-front fare OR the below product thresholds (whichever is higher):
    • Moto or Moto Delivery: 200tk
    • UberX or Uber Premier: 400tk
    • UberXL: 700tk
    • Uber Hire: 1000tk
    • Uber InterCity: 1500tk


  • You will be able to add bKash through Uber if you have an existing bKash account corresponding to your Uber registered phone number. If you do not have a bKash account created, you would have to create a bKash account by downloading the bKash application on your mobile and signing up. You may then proceed to navigate back to the Uber app and add bKash through Uber.
  • Unless you specifically select Cash as a payment option, Uber is a cashless experience. You do not have to pay your fare in cash.
  • If you’re unable to pay for the trip due to poor network, bank gateway timeouts, or insufficient balance, you can pay for the trip any time before taking your next trip