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Enjoy your weekend getaways with Uber Intercity.

August 8, 2019 / Dhaka

Time to get out of the busy, bustling city and go for another end-of-week outing with friends and family? Take a trip to your favorite weekend destination and count on Uber Intercity to take you there. So, pack your bags, shades and a basket full of treats and just leave the rest to Uber Intercity!

Here’s how you can request an Intercity ride:

1. Fire up your Uber app and enter destination.

2. Select car type and check fare estimate.

3. Pack your bags! Bon Voyage!

Tolls, parking charges, and Uber Intercity fares to be paid directly in cash.

Route Fare Starting
Dhaka to Mawa Feri Ghat Tk 1,700
Dhaka to Bhawal National Park Tk 1,826
Dhaka to Baliati Zamindar House Tk 2,656
Dhaka to Idrakpur Fort Tk 1,820
Dhaka to Savar National Monument Tk 1,400
Chittagong to Sitakundo Eco park Tk 1,540
Chittagong to Kaptai Lake Tk 2,063
Chittagong to Nilachol Tk 2,893
Chittagong to Himchari Waterfall Tk 6,000
Chittagong to Labani Beach Tk 6,000

*All fares are estimated from different location within Dhaka and Chattogram. Fares can defer based on your pick-up location.

Uber Intercity service is currently available is only Dhaka and Chattogram. Find out more about Dhaka Intercity here and Chattogram Intercity here.