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Book Uber Intercity for convenient and affordable rides to resorts around Dhaka

March 31, 2021 / Bangladesh

Planning to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life? 

We know how a trip to your favourite resort can help you relax, recharge and recalibrate. It’s a great time for that refreshing trip because Uber Intercity is all geared up to take you there (and bring you back as well, if would like!) safely

The service makes it very convenient to get to any resort near Dhaka, anytime you want. Just a couple of taps and a premium car driven by one of our best drivers will be at your doorstep to pick you up.

You can book a one-way ride or ‘Round Trip Rentals’ according to your convenience. One-way trip takes you to your destination, whether you are going out of Dhaka or coming back. 

Follow these steps to get to your favourite resort with Uber
  1. Open the Uber app 
  2. Type in your destination in the “Where to” section (e.g. the name of a resort)
  3. Intercity option will pop up when you enter a destination outside Dhaka. Click on “Confirm Intercity” (swipe up for Round Trip Rentals)
  4. Once the ride reaches your doorstep, hop on

That’s it, adventure begins!

In summary, plans don’t have to fall through anymore. And no more missing out on those blissful impromptu retreats. At one of the lowest rates in the market, Uber Intercity is here to ensure that you can enjoy all your glorious outings without breaking a sweat.