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Uber Intercity is now in Chattogram

March 10, 2019 / Dhaka

Whether you are planning your next family trip to Rangamati, a tour of Bandarban with your friends or just a relaxing getaway to Cox’s Bazar, your Uber Intercity is just a tap away. Intercity allows you to plan one-way as well as round trips where you can keep Uber’s best in class sedans and highest rated drivers for upto 10 hours.

If you are at Chattogram city, just bring out your Uber app, enter any locations from Kaptai, Rangamati, Bandarban, Cox’s Bazar, Hathazari, Patiya, Bhatiyari, Anowara, Kumira or Sitakundo and the Intercity option will be available on your app.

Special Flat Fare to Cox’s Bazaar @ Tk 6000 You can also enjoy a special one-way flat fare from anywhere in Chattogram to anywhere in Cox’s Bazar or the other way around at only Tk 6000. This flat fare is available only for one way trips between Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar. 

So gather your friends and head out to the hottest tourist spots like Sitakundo Eco Park and Botanical Garden, Kaptai Lake, Nilachal, Himchori Waterfall, Labani Beach etc. Because planning a trip is now easier than ever before!

Service Area:

The service is available for pick ups starting from Chittagong service area to Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban, Rangamati, Kaptai, Hathazari, Patiya, Bhatiyari, Anowara, Kumira, and Sitakundo only.

How it works:

  1. Open your Uber app & enter your destination i.e Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban, Kaptai, Patiya, Sitakundo etc. Now you’ll be able to see the Uber Intercity option pop up on your screen
  2. Once everything looks good, tap request. Remember, your Intercity ride is payable by cash only. Tolls & parking charges if any, payable directly in cash. You can keep your Uber with you for as long as 10 hours
  3. And off you go!

Intercity Fare Breakdown

Fare breakdown

Uber Intercity

Minimum Fare

Tk 499

Per min charge

Tk 3

Per km charge

Tk 24

One-way surcharge

Tk 13

Cancellation fee

Tk 100 (After 5 mins)

*For round trips, fare will be calculated based on the total distance and time of travel. No surcharge is applicable for round trips.

Sample Fare 1 | One-way trip
If the total trip distance is 60 km and the total trip duration is 2 hours and the car travels outside the Chattogram service area, the fare breakdown will be:
Distance Fare: 60 km * Tk 24/km = Tk 1440
Time Fare: 120 min * Tk 3/min = Tk 360
One-way Surcharge: 60 km * Tk 13/km = Tk 780
Total Fare: (Tk 1440 + Tk 360 + Tk 780) = Tk 2,580
*For one-way trip outside Chattogram, a one-way surcharge of Tk 13/km is applicable.

Sample Fare 2 | Round trip with waiting time
If the total trip distance is 100 km and the total trip duration is 2 hours and the car travels outside the Chattogram service area and return to Chattogram service area, the fare breakdown will be:
Distance Fare: 100 km * Tk 24/km = Tk 2400
Time Fare: 180 min * Tk 3/min = Tk 540
Total Fare: (Tk 2400 + Tk 540) = Tk 2,940
*No additional surcharge is applicable for the round trip.

What vehicles am I getting with Uber Intercity?
Uber’s best in class sedans and highest rated drivers

How long can I keep my Uber Intercity for?
Upto 10 hours. You will be charged Tk 3 per minute according to the total time you wish to keep your Uber with you

How is my return fare calculated?
Your Intercity upfront fare also contains an approximate return fare for one way trip. Incase the one way trip distance is 20 km and the distance travelled outside Dhaka service areas in 10 km, the return fare for this 10 km will be calculated and added automatically in case of one way trip.
If the trip is a round-trip, fare will be charged according to actual time and distance for the entire trip. Please know the fares shown in UFP may vary if the time or distance on actual trip is different from the time and distance considered in UFP.