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Five benefits of using Uber for last minute travel plans

It takes time to plan the perfect holiday, but there’s a lot to be said for just packing a bag and going wherever the wind takes you. Whether the idea of dropping everything for some last-minute solo travel makes you excited or hesitant, we’ve got a few holiday travel tips to make it easier. These are just some of the helpful features and benefits of using Uber when you’re throwing together travel plans at the last minute.

Plenty of room for the picnic basket

Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t have to mean careful planning or thinking ahead. Don’t hesitate – whether you’re going it alone or bringing some friends, all you have to do is load up a picnic basket and take a ride to your favourite park for an easy day out. Impromptu trips to the beach and outdoor activities are all possible and more easily attainable than ever by just seizing the day and booking a ride.

Roaming drivers

Uber’s large network of driver-partners means you’re never far from a ride. One of the advantages of Uber is knowing that you can request a driver to come to wherever you are, giving you the freedom to explore. As such, our top last-minute travel tip is to let your curiosity run free and finally catch some of the sites you’ve always been meaning to see. Even if you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings, you can still go out in search of adventure as you know you can always book a trip back home with Uber.

Avoid indecision

Booking with Uber means you can spend less time deliberating over where you want to go and more time actually being there. Rather than comparing tickets and times online, you can enter your destination into the app as soon as you have it in mind, receive an upfront cost estimate for the trip and then request a ride to come immediately. You’ll be on your way before you have time to get distracted from the sudden travel inspiration.

Travel anytime

Of course, the number one benefit of using Uber on a last-minute trip is its 24-hour availability. No matter what time you get the travel itch, a driver will be available to take you on a midnight city trip last minute or an early morning ride to the airport. Just request a ride and wait to be paired with a driver – the app will let you know how long you’ve got to wait for them to arrive, and also how long your journey will be once you get in. If you’re putting together plans on the go, you can also request a ride in advance if there’s a transfer you have to catch.

Rides to meet your needs

The varied services Uber provides means that whatever the reason for your journey, there’s always an Uber ride option to meet your needs. Travel easily with the entire squad thanks to UberXL, enjoy a premium ride in a luxury car with UberBLACK, or just get to where you need to be as conveniently and affordably as possible with the classic UberX.  

With our holiday travel tips and the features and benefits of Uber on your side, you can be sure that your last-minute travel plans won’t feel last minute. Check the app to see where you can ride and what drivers are available near you.