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New Ride Options in Dubai

December 20, 2020 / United Arab Emirates

We’ve decided to mix things up in Dubai by revamping our entire portfolio of products to better cater to your daily travel needs. You can now log in to the Uber app and access a new set of riding options:

  • Select, our most affordable riding option, is still here to accommodate all your daily travel needs
  • Comfort makes its first-ever appearance in Dubai; riders get access to more experienced and highly rated drivers with newer-model vehicles that offer more legroom
  • Black is back with a sleeker look and newer, more high-end vehicles; for those who wish to travel in luxury and arrive in style
  • XL continues to be our best ride option for bigger groups, or just those who prefer a spacious, high-end interior 
  • Green is our new low-emission ride option that connects you with fully electric vehicles. It has now replaced One as our most sustainable ride  

Below, you can find some additional color on each riding option with a particular emphasis on the newly-launched Comfort and Green, as well as Black.

Uber Comfort: A little extra, for your comfort

Uber Comfort, a new ride option is now available in Dubai. With the minimum fare starting at AED 19, riders will be matched with more experienced, top-rated drivers who have newer, mid-sized cars. To make the trip even more pleasant, riders can also choose their ride preferences. A little extra comfort goes a long way.

What features does Uber Comfort offer to riders?

With Comfort, riders get more experienced and highly rated drivers (with a rating of 4.85 and above) with newer-model vehicles such as the Lexus ES and Audi A6 that offer more legroom. Additionally, the option allows riders to choose their ride preferences before they start the trip:

  • Temperature preferences – based on 3 different presets, riders may select a preferred temperature inside the car
  • Conversation preferences – riders can now specify in advance whether they prefer to chat or not, directly from the app
  • Extra paid wait time – we’re giving riders a little extra time to get to the car when unexpected delays pop up, with up to 10 minutes of additional wait time (initial 5 minutes are free of charge, a per minute fare will be charged afterwards).

Who can use Comfort?

Uber Comfort has been designed for all riders who want additional comfort en route at an attractive price. Uber Comfort offers a chance to stay productive while on trip to work, wind down and relax while leaving work, or simply to enjoy a little extra comfort in your everyday trips.

Uber Black: Ride in luxury with Uber Black

Riding with Uber Black means traveling in luxury and arriving in style. With the minimum fare starting at AED 23, riders will be now experiencing top-rated, professional drivers and Dubai’s most high-end vehicles – the Black fleet is primarily made up of newer BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla vehicles. 

Uber Green: Ride Sustainably  

Uber One, our renowned electric option in Dubai, primarily consisting of TESLA models X, S and 3, is now Uber Green. Around the world, Uber Green is a low-emission ride option that connects you with hybrid and fully electric vehicles.