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New Ride Option in Dubai

June 27, 2021 / United Arab Emirates

Introducing Select by the hour

Running some errands? Heading to more than 1 destination?
Select by the hour is your solution! It’s a new ride option in the Uber App that gives you the option to book a ride by the hour, so you can complete trips to different destinations with just one driver.

What features does Select by the hour offer to riders?

With Select by the hour, riders get to book a Select trip option but with a specified number of hours. They get to complete more than one trip with just one driver, choosing how many hours they need the trip to be(with a max number of 8 hours).

Who can use Select by the hour?

Select by the hour has been designed for all riders who want to benefit from the service of having the same driver for multiple hours instead of repeatedly ordering trips to go to different destinations or to run some errands, etc.

How to request Select by the hour?

  1. Tap on the Hourly tab on your app
  2. Choose the number of hours you’d like to ride
  3. Tap Confirm Hourly. The upfront price shown will be the minimum for the total number of hours selected  (travel will be charged per minute thereafter).
  4. As the trip goes on, you’ll need to update each stop in the app, including your final stop