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A Guide to Uber Ride Options: Different Ways to Travel in Style

Need an easy way to get around in Dubai? You’re probably already familiar with the popular UberSELECT in Dubai, but did you know about the other services Uber offers to make your journey more comfortable? From professional drivers to premium cars, we’ve put together a brief guide to the different Uber types to help you upgrade your experience.


If it’s a low-cost option you’re looking for, UberX is the go-to. Available on a pilot basis at the moment, UberX provides affordable, everyday rides in private cars. Comfortable sedans have space for up to four passengers, so you can bring the whole squad along. Use it to easily get around without putting too much strain on your purse or wallet.


There’s traveling and then there’s traveling. UberBLACK journeys definitely fall into the second category. It started off as the original Uber service and it’s still retained all that old-school class. Between the high-end black cars–which include Mercedes, BMWs and other luxury names—and the professional drivers, the UberBLACK Dubai experience is perfect for those occasions when you want to make an entrance or when you’ve got someone to impress. There’s even space for up to four riders in an UberBLACK, so you can share the ride. Sit back, relax, throw on your coolest sunglasses and imagine yourself in a spy movie.


Introducing the latest addition to Uber’s fleet of services: UberONE. The pricing is in line with UberBLACK, but it might be more appropriate to think of it as Uber Green thanks to its minimal impact on the environment. environmental benefits. With UberONE, you can request one of the premium, fully-electric cars that are exclusive to Uber, to make sure your trip is sustainable as well as comfortable. Now that you can tap into both a sleek, modern car and eco credentials at the touch of a button, you can feel good about your next ride.


Planning a big trip abroad and you’re in charge of getting everyone organized? The last thing anyone needs is to end the group holiday by arguing over who has to wait for the next ride or who’s brought back one too many suitcases full of souvenirs. That’s where UberXL comes in. A convenient and affordable option for big groups, UberXL vehicles are SUVs or minivans that have up to six seats, so you can all travel together—or you can still travel separately and choose to spread out. We’ll leave that up to you.


One of the most unique ride options in Dubai, the UberCHOPPER is a fantastic way to see the sights and fall further in love with this magnificent city. A 15-minute helicopter tour over Dubai that starts and finishes at the Atlantis, The Palm helipad, you’ll experience a bird’s-eye view of one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Booking an UberCHOPPER is as easy as requesting a regular ride—you’ll even use the same cashless payment method—so no extra effort is required on your part to make the most of this undoubtedly breathtaking experience.

Whether you like your rides sleek, spacious or sustainable, there’s an Uber service to suit you. Get ready, get set…Uber!