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Техосмотры автомобиля

Get on the road on the Sunshine Coast
All driver-partners in Queensland are required to have a Certificate of Inspection (COI). It’s a good idea to check your car meets your city's requirements before having it inspected.
Ongoing requirements

Ежегодные техосмотры автомобиля

In Queensland, all driver-partners need to pass a vehicle inspection before taking their first trip with Uber. Your Certificate of Inspection is valid for 12 months from the time it is issued. To continue using the Uber app, you will need to obtain a new Certificate of Inspection each year.

Completing your inspection

Once you have booked in for your inspection the mechanic will perform the check. The mechanic will advise if there are any issues with your vehicle that prevent a Certificate of Inspection being issued.

Updating your certificate

When your Certificate of Inspection has been issued the mechanic will often submit a copy to Uber on your behalf. Otherwise you can upload a copy yourself at the below link.


Booking your inspection

As part of our ongoing commitment to safety and quality, we've partnered with several third-party vehicle inspection services, including Redbook Inspect that can provide you with vehicle safety checks.

Vehicle inspection tips

Ежегодные техосмотры автомобиля

1. Tyres

Ensure each tyre has a sufficient tread depth of at least 1.5mm. To save time, we recommend you check your tyres prior to getting an inspection.

2. Lights

Ensure all lights are working, including headlights, park lights, signal indicator lights and brake lights.

3. Body damage

Ensure the body of your car is in good condition.

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