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Доставка с приложением Uber Eats

Here’s some information about how the app can help make deliveries successful.

Looking for driving info?

Получение заказа в ресторане

When you’re ready to deliver, you can go online in the Driver app. The app will surface available delivery requests near you. You can tap to accept.

The restaurant will be expecting you, but you can let the staff know you're there to pick up an order from the Uber Eats app. Delivery people have told us they match the name and the order number in the app with the order to confirm they have the right one before leaving the restaurant.

Получение заказа в ресторане

Вот как это работает:

1. Войдите в сеть и дождитесь заказа на доставку из ресторана неподалеку.

2. Чтобы принять заказ, коснитесь экрана.

3. Прибыв в ресторан, сообщите сотрудникам, что вам нужно забрать заказ Uber​ ​Eats.

4. Обязательно сверьте имя пользователя и номер заказа.

Как найти пользователя

If you’re unable to find the customer when delivering, you can call or message them in the app. If they don’t answer, you can tap the banner that appears to indicate that they didn’t answer. This will send them a notification.

If they don’t contact you quickly, you can follow the prompts to end the delivery.

A high number of canceled deliveries may indicate fraudulent activity in violation of our Community Guidelines and the Platform Access Agreement.

How to use the app for pickups

  • Ожидание в ресторане

    Иногда ресторанам не хватает изначально обозначенного времени, чтобы приготовить еду. Откройте раздел «Информация о заказе» и отметьте пункт Заказ не готов.

  • Getting delivery details in the app

    Когда вы прибудете к месту доставки, в приложении появятся сведения о том, как найти клиента, например код домофона, этаж и т. д.

  • Доступность сотовой сети

    The app will work best in areas of your city where drivers and customers have cell service.

  • Неверный адрес доставки

    If a customer contacts you with a different address than the one they entered in the app, you're free to accept or decline the request. If you can and want to deliver the order to the new address, you can call our Support team for assistance. Otherwise, if you decline to deliver to the new address, you can dispose of the order.


Часто задаваемые вопросы

  • An insulated bag can make for a better customer experience, according to delivery people, but it isn’t required unless you’re delivering in a location where it’s required by law.

  • Yes, as long as the Uber Eats platform is available in your area. To toggle between driving and delivering, tap the bar at the bottom of your screen. Tap the settings icon at bottom right to open Driving Preferences, then turn on Deliveries.

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