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Safety features built into every ride

We’re dedicated to building a platform where women feel safe. That’s why we partner with and learn from women who use our app, women’s safety experts, and advocates to build innovative safety features and policies that empower our community of users.

Rider accounts

We have checks and safeguards in place that help promote confident pickups and build safe communities for drivers. For instance, before a rider uses Uber, they must provide a valid payment method and use their phone number or email address to register.

Phone number anonymization

Privacy and contact information are protected when users reach out to one another while using the Uber app. Phone numbers are anonymized, and any other contact details will remain hidden.

Follow My Ride/Share My Trip

Friends and family can follow trips in real time, so drivers, riders, and their loved ones can feel more confident from pickup to dropoff.


Using sensors and GPS data, this feature can help detect if a trip doesn’t go as planned. We’ll check in to make sure the driver and rider are safe and provide easy access to emergency assistance features for immediate help if needed.

24/7 support

We’re committed to supporting riders and drivers with empathy and care in times of need. If an incident occurs, in-app support is available around the clock. Our specialized team of safety agents are trained to handle sensitive reports and can offer support resources.

Emergency assistance

The in-app Emergency Button is available to connect riders and drivers to their local emergency number with the simple tap of a button. The app displays location and trip details, so drivers and riders can quickly share them with emergency services.

Drivers: stay in control with Women Rider Preference

We understand that drivers want more control over the trips they take. So we created a feature that allows women drivers and non-binary drivers to select a preference to accept only women riders. Drivers can turn the feature on or off whenever they choose.

“I love driving with Uber because I have access to 24/7 live support, which is great because I like to drive at night. As a female driver, Uber has my back.”

Carolyn, Georgia, US, 7 years driving with Uber

Guidelines on respectful conduct

Our Community Guidelines prohibit sexual assault and sexual misconduct of any kind while using Uber. Personal space and privacy should be respected, period. If something happens, you can report it to Uber in the app during or after your trip. We'll take appropriate action to help keep our platform safe.

Tips that promote safety and help prevent sexual assault

An individual’s safety is a shared responsibility. Because of that, we partner with organizations like NO MORE on sexual assault prevention tips and raising awareness of the important role all of us play in looking out for one another’s safety.

Partnering on Safety

Thanks to the feedback from women drivers, experts, and advocates,Uber develops educational content and partnerships with community groups on safety.


We have learned from our partners that education can help get to the root of tough safety issues in a way that emergency interventions cannot. That’s why we’ve made it easy to access educational materials and safety tips through the in-app Safety Toolkit and driver learning center, and why we launch proactive campaigns and initiatives like Stand Up, Don’t Stand By. We are committed to continuing to provide safety education opportunities for our users globally, including sexual assault and sexual misconduct prevention and awareness education.

Women’s Safety Pledge

Uber is committed to helping to end gender-based violence on our platform and in the communities we serve. Globally we strive to partner with experts and advocates on raising awareness, offering education and resources, and designing products and policies that are trauma informed and survivor centered.

Meet some of our local partners

We’ve collaborated with many organizations dedicated to raising awareness, offering resources, and fighting the proliferation of violence against women.

Driving Change: Uber’s global effort to help end gender-based violence

Uber is committed to taking a stand against gender-based violence. Through the Driving Change initiative, we’ve partnered with advocates and experts to help improve safety in our industry and communities. Driving Change provides funding to organizations working to prevent gender-based violence worldwide. Learn more about this initiative and our partners here.

Meet some of our local partners

  • YWCA Canada

    YWCA Canada is Canada’s oldest and largest women’s multi-service organization. YWCA Canada represents 32 member associations whose programs and services create change for 1 million women, girls, and their families. Annually, YWCAs invest over $230 million to support 330,000 women and girls, in 300 communities across Canada. YWCA Canada develops resources and initiatives to create systemic change and shift the needle forward on ending gender based violence.

  • Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (WomanACT)

    WomanACT is a policy development and planning body for preventing and responding to gender-based violence. Their work is focused around coordination, education, policy and community mobilization. WomanACT has 27 years of experience in convening leaders, policy makers, anti-violence organizations, communities and women with lived experience of violence to collaborate, advocate and drive change.

  • Ending Violence Association of BC (EVA BC)

    EVA BC is a leading provincial non-profit organization that supports and coordinates the work of over 300 anti-violence programs and cross-sector initiatives that respond to sexual assault, intimate partner violence, child abuse and criminal and sexual harassment. EVA BC delivers training, creates and distributes resources, conducts research, develops and maintains service standards and develops high-risk response teams. EVA BC acts as a lifeline for front-line workers across the province and helps all levels of government understand the issues by analyzing issues, proposing solutions, and helping to create better policy, programs and legislation.

  • Le Chaînon

    Le Chaînon offers women safe housing as well as assistance and support tailored to their needs. At Le Chaînon, they take specific actions, with the help of experienced counselors, that promotes women’s return to self-determination and personal and social strengths. Le Chaînon also advocates to make a collective and social stand in order to denounce the inequalities, the living conditions and the different forms of violence experienced by women. Their goal is to promote the defence of women's rights - with women.