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Understanding why drivers may lose access to their account

On this page you will find information on the most common reasons why partner-drivers may lose access to their accounts. This policy is designed to bring greater transparency to some of the actions that may lead to the deactivation of your account, and thus help make every experience on the platform be more positive, safe, and respectful.

Community Guidelines for all Uber users

This policy has to be interpreted in conjunction with Uber's other terms and policies, including the one that you accepted to start using the app, the Community Guidelines, and others. During our partnership these terms and policies regulate the use of the platform and you have to be compliant with them to maintain your Uber account active.

If you are looking to learn more about the deactivation review process for partner drivers, please go to the deactivation review.

It can lead to the deactivation of your account, among others:

  • Making trips or otherwise using the platform while carrying firearms or weapons of any other kind (e.g., knives and tasers)

    • Having aggressive, confrontational, and harassing behaviors toward users. This includes making compliments or comments about the user's appearance, clothing or any personal aspect that could be misinterpreted or considered offensive
    • Maintaining communication with the user after completion of the trip or delivery unless it is to return a lost item. This includes, for example, sending messages, social media contact, making calls, visiting or attempting to visit a user after the completion of a trip or delivery
  • Coercing someone, by means of violence or serious threat, to perform any libidinous act, or performing obscene acts that are embarrassing to the user. This includes intimate questions, compliments, or displaying explicit and indecent materials or gestures that might embarrass a user.

Background check issues

Have a criminal record check performed during your partnership with Uber.

  • Let another person use your Uber partner driver account for any reason, whether such sharing is paid or unpaid

  • Touching or trying to touch any user without their consent

  • Committing a misdemeanor or crime that may pose a risk to other users

  • Using third-party cars without the rightful ownership and/or consent of the owner (Uber may, at its discretion, deactivate the vehicle from your account if it learns that permission to use the vehicle on the platform has been revoked)

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or any type of illicit substance


Harassing, impeding access to, or refusing service to a user on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, race, skin color, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, national origin, age, destination or place of delivery, physical characteristic, disability, or other characteristic protected by applicable law

  • Picking up users, when fulfilling a trip request, with third parties inside the vehicle that are not related to the platform and/or have not been authorized by the user who requested the trip.

  • Have a photo registered on the platform that is incompatible with the photo shown on the CNH (National Driver's License)

    • Making video recordings without the users' knowledge or authorization, as required by applicable law.
    • In any way sharing or live-streaming the image, audio, or audio or video recordings of users on social networks or other public digital or physical places.
  • Soliciting private information from users and/or sharing it with third parties

  • Using software, GPS or any other method to attempt to manipulate or create false trips or false locations

  • Using software or any other method to attempt to manipulate or create account information.

Rating from users

Maintaining an average rating from users below the average rating of other partners in your city

    • Using, directly or indirectly, inappropriate methods to obtain undue advantage on the platform, including to attempt to improperly gain increased earnings, promotions, referrals, promotional codes, travel pricing, travel adjustment pricing, cancellation fees, cleaning fees, promotional travel pricing or high ratings

    • Accepting trip requests without intending to complete them, including to cause its cancellation by users

    • Beginning a trip without being at the pickup point and/or not ending the trip at the time and place of drop off

    • Abusing the support service offered by Uber by making false requests in order to obtain undue advantages

    • Creating a user or driver-partner account using fake data or data of another person
    • Creating a driver-partner account using fraudulent documents
  • Creating a new account in the Uber platform, once already registered in the platform or after permanent deactivation

    • Refusing without cause the boarding or accommodation of objects from people with reduced mobility, for instance, wheelchair, walkers, among others
    • Refusing the boarding of the user's service animals, for instance, guide dog, in a violation of the applicable laws, such as wheelchairs, or other assistive devices
  • Coercing or forcing users to give a certain rating after a trip.

    • Using Uber's brand or other distinctive signs to solicit rides outside the platform.

    • Use Uber's brand, name and logo or any other intellectual property, in any material, without such use being previously authorized by Uber.

  • Driving a vehicle that is not compatible with the vehicle registered in the driver partner's profile, for which the specific travel request has been sent

  • Threatening or offending the physical integrity or health of the user


The above list is only for illustrative purposes and describes some of the actions that may lead to the deactivation of your account. Any other behaviors and/or uses of the Platform by driver partners that may put other users at risk, or that jeopardize the reputation of the Platform and imply a violation of Uber's terms and policies may lead to contract termination and cause the partner driver to lose access to the Driver App and Uber Services, as per the Platform Terms of Use. We reserve the right to deduct, compensate, or recover damages related to misuse of the Platform from any amount that the driver partner may have to receive, besides taking the appropriate legal actions. Examples of amounts that may be deducted, compensated, or charged, if improper behavior is suspected, are: fees, promotions, referral values, promotional codes, trip prices, trip adjustment prices, cancellation fees, promotional trip prices, miscellaneous payments, but not limited to these.