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How nonprofits are using our technology to solve community challenges

August 28, 2017 / Washington

Community Impact Initiative partners

We’re proud to support the efforts of our Community Impact Initiative partners and work together to address some of our region’s most critical challenges.

In 2019, the Uber NW Community Impact Initiative will contribute over $450,000 in financial assistance and rides to 30+ nonprofits across the Northwest region.

Periodically we extend the invitation for nonprofits in the NW to submit ideas for shared value programs that leverage Uber’s technology and services to tackle local challenges. This year, organizations in Greater Seattle and Portland were invited to submit applications for how they would use donated Uber ride credits to ensure everyone has equal access to pursue opportunity across our four impact areas:

  • Helping those who are experiencing homelessness:
  • Supporting immigrants and refugees:
  • Empowering women and championing equality:
  • Serving the underserved: