July 9, 2014 / Washington, DC
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Who makes the IMMI Go seat and does it meet safety standards?

Do Uber drivers know how to install the car seat properly?

How do I know the seat hasn’t expired?

Who is in charge of maintaining the seat?

What happens to the seat if it is in a car crash?


Children allowed to ride in the IMMI Go must be AT LEAST:

A child is too big once they reach any of these limits:


Who will install the car seat?

Where in the car will the seat be installed?

How is the IMMI Go installed?


You (the parent, guardian or caregiver) will be responsible for securing the child in the harness straps. Please watch this video BEFORE you request a ride with uberFAMILY. The straps on this seat tighten DIFFERENTLY than you have seen before (they tighten like a race car driver’s harness). *Please note: the seat will arrive with the shoulder straps in their highest setting and as loose as possible. You will need to lower the straps and tighten as appropriate depending on the size of your child.


We know, you’re running around with your kids and so you’re probably already late. The good news is that the IMMI Go was chosen specifically because it installs VERY quickly and easily. Installing the car seat shouldn’t add anymore than 5 minutes to your Uber request.


Dirt: We all know the little ones can get messy once in a while (okay, maybe more like all the time!). The good news is that the IMMI Go seat is prepared for nearly anything. The fabric cover on these seats is the same heavy-duty naugahyde fabric used on vehicle seats. Therefore it’s comfortable, durable and is cleaned easily with water.

Food & Allergies: Please be mindful that many children today have severe food allergies. Since we want this to be a safe ride for all kids, the driver may ask you to please use a wet wipe to clean your child’s hands if they’ve been eating before getting in the car. We also kindly ask that snack time is postponed until after the trip has ended.

Germs: Germs are everywhere, but do not fear. These seats are probably no more germy than any other surface your child is exposed to on a daily basis. While we understand your concern for keeping the seat clean, we do ask that parents not use any wipes (i.e. Lysol, Purell, even diaper wipes) to wipe down the seats. The acids and chemicals are strong enough to degrade the car seat’s straps and plastic, and therefore could reduce the level of safety the seats provide. If there is an accident during a trip (we understand that it happens with kids!) the seat will be taken off the system for cleaning.


“Wait, I thought kids had to ride rear-facing until at least 2 years of age?”

“What if my child is too small for the IMMI GO?”

“What if my child is too big for the IMMI Go?”



When you don’t have anything, you always have something – which is a seat belt. When you are stuck in a situation where you don’t have a car seat for your little one, it is better to buckle him/her in his/her OWN seat belt than go without, hold the child, or buckle the child in your belt.

And remember, it is not only important to buckle up your child, but also yourself! Safety is not just for kids, but for parents too. Making sure everyone buckles up, even adults in the back seat, keeps everyone safer. Find more information about seat belt safety for kids and adults on The Car Seat Lady’s website.