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Tips for driving during rallies in Washington, DC, and Virginia

August 6, 2018 / Washington, DC

With the active political climate in Washington, DC, and Virginia, large rallies and marches are frequent in many of the cities in the area. To help you navigate busy areas with large crowds, you can use the following tips for a smooth experience:

Pro tips

Preparation: There are often road closures and detours in place during marches and rallies, so look out for traffic signs and follow instructions of traffic control.

Communication: When large crowds are present, connecting with your riders will help both of you stay on the same page about finding a safe place for the pickup.

Confirmation: Once you’ve located your rider, confirm his or her name to make sure you’ve found the right match for the trip.

A community built on respect

People matter most to the Uber experience. And, it’s a 2-way street between riders and drivers. We created our Community Guidelines so that everyone in the vehicle has a shared standard for respect, accountability, and common courtesy.

Staying safe on the road

Your safety is a top priority. We’ve collected tips from safety experts that drivers say help keep them out of harm’s way. Additionally, at times, you might encounter challenging situations while driving. We’ve also got some suggestions for how to respond.

We’re here to help

If anything happens while on a trip, we’re here to help. We’re committed to helping provide safe and enjoyable environment for everyone who uses the Uber platform. Need help? Simply get in touch via the Help section in your app or at