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Announcing ‘Pooling Together’

May 26, 2016 / Washington, DC

Today, we’re launching Pooling Together—our year-long initiative to help ensure the people across the DC area have access to safe, reliable, and affordable rides during the implementation of Metro’s SafeTrack plan.

Our initial solutions plan is just that—it’s the first step in what will be a process for us.  Throughout the year, we will work to push our technology to do even more, get creative on how we can best help our driver-partners and their riders move around the city, and continue to adapt to the changing environment to make sure folks around DC are getting the best of Uber.

During the initial phase of the Pooling Together Plan, we will:

  • Dedicate $10 million to alleviate city congestion and meet demand. We’re launching Pooling Together with a pledge to dedicate at least ten million dollars in the coming year in our commitment to keep options affordable and encourage area riders and drivers to help combat congestion.
  • Expand uberPOOL to the entire DMV Area.  During the day-long Metro shutdown in March, we saw that when more people share their rides—even during times of unprecedented demand—we can keep riding with Uber an affordable and reliable experience.  That’s why we’ve expanded our uberPOOL coverage area to make more affordable rides available to more people for the duration of the SafeTrack program.
  • Release the Pooling Together Website. Upon launching this initiative, we will work to make information about alternative options readily available to riders and drivers. The site will go live this afternoon and provide details including: service outages timelines, rider tips including information on the best way to make Uber work for your budget and lifestyle, driver sign-up details, and much more.
  • Communicate.  The only way Pooling Together is going to be successful for DC is if our driver-partners, riders and potential future users know what we are doing in the area.  We’ll be keeping everyone up to date—and more specifically those around lines with closures—with all of the latest information about opportunities for all of us to do our part. Follow along here.
  • Educate.  We already offer many options—for example, surge drop notifications, and fare split—that could make navigating service outages a bit easier. We’ll be focusing a portion of our efforts on providing information to help people learn how to utilize these features.
  • Listen. We have representatives available 24/7 to review any issues riders and drivers may face.  We’ll be listening to your thoughts and concerns to learn what is working and what needs improvement.  
  • Explore solutions to continue the fight against drunk driving. During SafeTrack, Metro will no longer be available from the hours of midnight to 3:00am, seven days a week.  In the coming weeks, we’re going to be working with our partners, including Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), to find solutions on how best to educate riders and offer reliable and affordable alternatives to impaired driving after a night out.
  • Provide Uber as an alternative for government employees. The General Services Administration (GSA) recently clarified that the use of ridesharing companies, like Uber, could be a reimbursable expense.  So now you can still make it to that meeting in Tysons, continue to do your part to travel in a more environmentally friendly way, and not miss even one of your emails by jumping in an uberPOOL.
  • Work together and do our part. By working with local leaders, we hope to help keep DC moving during this challenging time. We are keeping open lines of communication with local leaders, WMATA, and other transportation providers to ensure that we are part of the solution for DC. Bike sharing, ridesharing, carpooling, metro, buses—it’s going to take all kinds of transportation to keep the region moving.

Remember, these are just our first steps.  Over the course of our Pooling Together campaign, we intend to be nimble and creative, working alongside our partners in public transit, to ensure that we meet the evolving demands that Metro’s SafeTrack program will create for our region.  Stay up-to-date throughout the campaign through our Pooling Together site and following @Uber_DC on Twitter.

So, DC, let’s keep talking, learning from one another, and Pooling Together.