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Uber Ice Cream through the years

August 28, 2017 / US

It all started back in 2012 — with the tap of a button, ice cream showed up wherever you were. 6 years later, Uber Ice Cream has changed a bit (it wasn’t always free!) but the spirit remains the same.


6 years of Uber Ice Cream


In 2012, Uber Ice Cream was a way for everyone to share in the joy of a frosty treat when you least expected it. From custom-designed ice cream trucks to pirates passing out cones, Uber Ice Cream has delivered over 200,000 sweet snacks to riders and drivers around the world.



As Uber Ice Cream continues to grow, we’ll constantly be looking for new and fun ways to help everyone share in the joy of all things ice cream. No matter where you call home, be sure to mark you calendars for next year and don’t miss out on the all the delicious fun.

2012 – Uber Ice Cream begins. Check out the app view from 2012—when #OMGUberIceCream launched. It wasn’t free, but OMG was it good.

2013 – Marketing decals on ice cream trucks from back in the day.

2014 – Throwback to #UberIceCream temporary tattoos, circa 2014.

2015 – Uber completed over 1,000 ice cream requests and delivered 5,000 frozen treats, including one delivery to Joey, the kangaroo.

2016 – In 2016, Uber completed about 123,000 ice cream requests. And a few lucky people in Seattle even received ice cream from pirates!