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Your Guide to the new Loading Zones around Market Street

January 22, 2020 / San Francisco

Introducing the Better Market Street initiative – improving the way people move around one of San Francisco’s most important corridors. 

Background: As the city has evolved, it’s become increasingly important that high-traffic areas are redesigned to foster safer and more efficient means of transportation for residents and visitors alike.  The SFMTA is working to streamline traffic on Market Street, between Van Ness Ave and Steuart St.

New SFMTA Policy: Beginning on Wednesday, January 29, approximately 2 miles of Market Street [westbound from Steuart St to Van Ness Ave and eastbound from 10th St  to Main St] will no longer be accessible to any private vehicles – this includes all TNC.

Passenger Loading Zones: In appreciation for the continued growth of rideshare and the high demand that’s common around Market Street, the SFMTA has worked proactively to identify and delineate curb space on roads adjacent to Market St – all specifically designated for passenger loading. It’s anticipated that over 45 white curb areas of varying size will be available around the corridor; collectively offering 2000+ feet of space for rideshare drivers to pick up and drop off their riders. 

What This Means For Drivers on the Uber App: 

> Driving on Market Street is now prohibited in select areas between Van Ness Ave and Steuart St – observing this policy will help drivers to avoid citations from law enforcement.

> Riders on the Uber App in the area will now be prompted to select one of the designated zones off of Market Street to meet their driver.

> The designated zones are designed to make it easier for drivers to pull over and pull forward along white curbs so that riders can board vehicles.

What This Means For Delivery Persons on the Uber Eats App: 

When delivering to an address on Market Street, feel free to communicate directly with your eater to coordinate a drop-off location.


> Reminder: Standard traffic laws apply when picking up and dropping off around Market Street.

> Rider Identity Check: It’s suggested to always confirm your rider’s name to ensure the right person who requested you as their driver is in your vehicle.

> Eater Identity Check: You can confirm your eater’s name in the app to ensure they are the intended recipient of the order.

The map below highlights the restricted areas on Market Street: