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Uber for Business company announcement email

June 29, 2017 / Global

Here is an example email of what you can send to your team before you add them to their account and trigger their verification emails.

Employee Travel—Email to your employees:

Subject line: Introducing Uber for your (Company Name) business travel needs

In an effort to provide you with more options for seamless business travel, we are excited to announce that we are officially partnering with Uber for Business as our preferred on-demand ground transportation logistics provider. After accepting your invitation, Uber trips will automatically be charged to the (Company Name) corporate account and you will no longer have to keep track of your ground transportation receipts.

Look for an Uber for Business email today and follow the steps in the invitation to link. Please do not forward this email or link to others as the URL is customized to your email address.

Step 1. Sign In: Sign in with your existing Uber credentials (i.e. your personal email address or cell phone number if you already have an Uber account). If you are new to Uber, create a new personal account here.

Step 2. Your Business Profile: Check your Uber app on your phone to find your new business profile. If you don’t have the app, you can download it for iOS or Android.

Step 3. Ride: Make sure to select the (Company Name) profile when riding for business. You can also visit our Getting Started for Employees guide here for more information.

Need more assistance? Visit the Uber Help Center, or reach out to Uber’s 24/7 support team at business-support@uber.com for questions related to setting up your Business Profile.

Uber Central – Email to your operators:

Subject line: Using Uber for our customer and guest rides

We’re excited to announce that we’ve created an Uber for Business account, which will help simplify transportation for the people we serve. Uber is now our preferred method of providing transportation to our guests and customers, with all rides being billed directly to the company’s central account.

To be able to request rides for others through this Uber for Business account, look for an Uber for Business email today and follow the steps in the invitation to link. Please do not share or forward the link to others.

Step 1. Sign-in: Sign in with your existing personal credentials (i.e. personal email address or cell phone number), as the system will sync with your current account OR create a new account if you’re a first-time rider. Find the onboarding guide here.

Step 2. Uber Central: Log-in to central.uber.com and make sure you can access Your Company’s Uber Central dashboard.

Step 3. Familiarize: Learn the three ways you can request a ride for customers and guests here.

Step 4. Start requesting rides!

For any technical questions, please email business-support@uber.com for 24/7 support.

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