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New promotion amounts by zone with Consecutive Trips

October 10, 2019 / Seattle

You could make extra money where it’s busiest

To better reflect expected trip requests, we’re introducing different values for Consecutive Trips. Now, you’ll see different dollar amounts for different zones. The busier the area, the higher the amount you could earn.

1. Start in the zone

Start your first trip in a Consecutive Trips zone. You’ll earn the dollar amount shown when you complete the series.

2. Stay Online

After that first trip, take 2 more trips (from any zone within the state you’ve signed up to drive). Make sure you don’t turn off your phone, decline a ride, or cancel a trip.

3. Complete 3 trips in a row

After 3 consecutive trips, you’ll earn the dollar amount shown in the app during the first trip, no matter where your other trips took place.

Important reminders

For trip #1
If you accept a trip in one zone, but end up starting your trip from a different zone, the higher amount always applies.

For trips #2 and #3
The amount you earn on your first trip will stick with you when you complete your Consecutive Trips series, no matter where your next 2 trips begin.

Frequently asked questions

Back to basics: why Consecutive Trips?

A Consecutive Trips promotion may be offered based on anticipated rider demand. That’s why if you drive during busy hours, there could be more of these promotions available—and the more Consecutive Trips you complete, the more money you will make.