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Tips to Help You Stay Safe Developed in Partnership With Law Enforcement

February 5, 2021 / New York

Many law enforcement agencies around the country have reported a rise in robberies, car thefts, and carjackings over the past several months. Here are some safety tips developed in partnership with law enforcement: 

  1. Be aware of your surroundings: Pay attention to what’s going on around you and people that may be loitering in the area. If you feel like your safety or the safety of others is at risk, report any suspicious behavior to law enforcement. 
  2. Travel light: It is recommended by law enforcement to avoid carrying large sums of cash, credit cards, or flashy jewelry.  
  3. Keep moving: Avoid sitting in your car stationary for long periods of time especially while looking down at your phone or other device. When you enter your car, lock the doors and windows and immediately drive away. 
  4. Take your keys with you: It’s best to lock your doors and take your keys with you to prevent theft of your vehicle and other valuables. It’s helpful to keep your phone and keys in a place where you can easily reach them. 
  5. Park in well-lit, visible areas: Try to park in well lit areas where there are more people present that can be a deterrent to those seeking to commit crimes. 
  6. Review safety features available in the app: It is helpful to familiarize yourself with safety features in the app such as the emergency button and share trip feature, and review information in the driver Insurance Hub.
  7. Trust your instincts: If you ever feel you’re in an emergency situation, you can get urgent help by using the emergency button in your app. When you call 911 from the Uber app, the app provides you with your real-time location and trip details that you can share with the dispatcher. In some cities and counties in the US, this information is provided directly to the dispatcher. Remember, if you feel unsafe you can end the ride at any time.
  8. It’s not worth it: If you are threatened or someone attempts to rob or harm you, avoid confrontation and call 911. 

For the most updated information and suggestions check your local law enforcement’s web site. For additional driver safety tips click here

Note: These safety tips are being provided as guidance from law enforcement.