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Tips from other drivers: how to ensure that your riders wear masks

April 20, 2021 / US

Whether you’re driving with Uber for the first time, are getting back on the road after some time away, or have been providing essential rides throughout the pandemic, we remain committed to helping you stay safe. This commitment to your safety includes a requirement, based on CDC guidance, that all riders wear masks on all trips taken on the Uber platform. That’s why we’ve asked other drivers who use Uber to share tips on how to ensure that your riders wear a mask throughout the trip.

Before the trip begins, verify that the rider is wearing a mask before they enter the car. Also: 

  1. Keep doors locked until you’ve verified that your riders are wearing a mask.
  2. Do not start the trip until the rider(s) have a mask on. Remember: riders can’t rate trips that have not been started.
  3. Use “No face cover or mask” cancellation if any riders are not wearing a mask. 

During the trip:

  1. Remind the rider(s) of Uber’s mask policy. 
  2. Tell them they’re putting your health and the health of your loved ones at risk if they’re not wearing a mask.
  3. Ask the rider(s) to get out at a safe location if they refuse to comply with the mask requirement. 

If the rider refuses to wear a mask when reminded, report the incident to Uber by calling the Critical Safety Line in the Safety Toolkit during the trip or by leaving feedback in the app after the trip has been completed.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Thank you for choosing to drive with Uber.

Note: These safety tips are sourced from your fellow drivers on the Uber platform.