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April 25 / US

As you get started on the Uber app, we want to make sure you feel prepared. We’ve got lots of tools to help you feel more confident on the road.

Note: The product experiences mentioned below are best viewed in the mobile app.

The foundation you need

Before you hit the road, we’ll help you get more comfortable navigating the app with a virtual demo trip.

View this demo by going to the Learning Center section of your in-app menu and selecting the Take a Simulated Trip lesson in the “Before You Start” section.

The earnings you control

No guessing or hoping–we put the power to make more money in your hands. With the Opportunities feature, you can see available promotions, plan your work days, and make the most of your time on the road.

You can find these promotions in the Opportunities section of your in-app menu.

The answers you want

Our in-app Learning Center gives you tips, tutorials and guides to help you get and stay road ready, all in one place. Check out a couple of our new lessons below:


To hear more about the Opportunities feature above, be sure to view the Opportunities video in your Learning Center under the “Earnings” section.

Types of Earnings

Learn about the many ways you can make more money with the Types of Earnings lesson that helps you differentiate each one. You can also find this lesson under the “Earnings” section of your Learning Center.

Tips from fellow drivers

Our most experienced drivers are sharing their best tips to help you get road-ready in the Tips from Peers lesson. If you’re a driver, you can find this lesson under the “Before You Start” section of your Learning Center.

Have questions?

We understand this can feel like a lot of new information at once. If you need help along the way, reach out to one of our live agents with in-app chat and 24/7 phone support.

To access chat support, go to the Help section of your in-app menu and select the topic that pertains to your issue.

To access phone support, call 1-800-593-7069 or select “Call Support” at the bottom of the Help page.