4 fantastic bookstores in Miami

August 8, 2017 / Miami

There is no denying Miami is an international melting pot. The city’s beaches, uproarious nightlife, and bustling cultural scene are second to none. Miami’s thriving diversity means that the city is rife with different bookstores that are sure to make for an interesting day trip. We’ve put together a list of our favorites for you to seize every opportunity to get to know Miami’s literary world.  

Miami’s best bookstores for new, used, and comic books

1. Books & Books

It’s no secret to anyone that independent bookstores have weathered turbulent waters with the recent changes in the bookselling market. Still, Books & Books remains strong. Self-described as a “your locally owned independent bookseller,” Books & Books has numerous locations in Miami where you can browse books of every genre, be assisted by friendly staff, and even participate in their many book-centric events. Upcoming treats are Wine Down Wednesday, Gaby Natale, Storytime & Craft, and KIDS: Rocko’s Big Launch. Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at the Café at Books & Books while you’re at it.

When: Various Business Hours

Where: Various Locations

2. Bookstore in the Grove

We couldn’t very well make a list of Miami bookstores and not include the innovative “kitchen and coffee at the bookstore” concept you can find at Bookstore in the Grove. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than having a great meal while you’re out shopping. Their menu is filled with incredible items, such as mashed avocado toast, BLT made with heirloom tomatoes, and local burrata salad, among others. Bookstore in the Grove specializes in out-of-print titles and works on religion, science, and Florida history.

When: Monday – Saturday, 7am-6pm (closed on Sunday)

Where: 3390 Mary Street # 166

3. Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Barnes & Noble may seem like an obvious suggestion, but the chain’s nationwide success is for good reason. The spacious layout with neatly organized sections containing countless titles on every imaginable subject is, simply put, bibliophile Nirvana. The in-store Starbucks doesn’t hurt, either. Make an afternoon of it, order a drink, grab a book off the shelf, and enjoy yourself.

When: 9am-11pm

Where: 152 Miracle Mile

4. Agni Corner Bookstore

Agni Corner is where you go when your needs are of the obscure persuasion. This bilingual neighborhood shop specializes in metaphysical, esoteric, New Age, self-help, and more. You’ll also find mystical items such as quartz, incense, pyramids, as well as quite a selection of Egyptian Art, Religious Art, New Age music, and more. If you’re interested in learning more, they are always hosting astrology, self-help, and other assorted courses.

When: Monday – Saturday, 11am-6pm (closed on Sunday)

Where: 10940 W Flagler Street # 401


Whether you’re looking for the convenience of a national chain or the local color of an indie bookstore, you’re sure to find it in Miami’s literary scene.