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It’s game time: menu hacks for football season

September 6 / US

Uber Eats and NFL official on-demand food delivery partner logo

As the NFL’s official on-demand food delivery partner, we know that the start of the football season can mean an uptick in orders from fans settling into snack-filled screen-watching. To help you prepare, we crunched the numbers across 4 favorite gameday cuisine types and compiled a list of menu features that can help drive more orders from your customers. 

No need for any Hail Mary passes—these menu tips will get you to the end zone and make the crowd go wild.

BBQ: serve up the special sauce

illustration of a family-style barbecue meal
  • Allow customers to select a type of protein, then let them add more protein if they want (at an additional cost)
  • In your item description of each meal, include side dishes that will come with the order. Pro tip: Give customers a choice of adding more side dishes to their meal
  • Specify the number of items that come in a dish, like 6 ribs or a dozen wings. Pro tip: If your menu has a choice of meal sizes, include the number of pieces available in each
  • Provide the option to order more sauce (at an additional cost) with the appropriate dishes, either on top or on the side

Burgers: bring on build-your-own

illustration of a cheese burger
  • Consider offering burgers with recommended toppings to give customers an idea of what might work well together—and to streamline your restaurant operations
  • If you give customers the option to build their own burger, allow them to add premium topping add-ons such as avocado or bacon (at an additional cost)
  • Allow customers to specify how they’d like their burger cooked (such as rare or medium)
  • Let customers choose a bun type (like brioche or whole wheat) or no bun at all
  • If possible, let customers choose a patty type, such as turkey, beef, or vegetarian

Pizza: customization is king

illustration of a slice of pizza
  • Let customers choose the size of their pizza early in the order. Pro tip: Larger pizzas mean more toppings, driving up the price of your pies
  • Give customers the option to build their own pizza, as well as the option to create a pizza with half-and-half toppings (like half cheese and half pepperoni)
  • Provide the option to choose a preferred sauce (like marinara or pesto)
  • Offer the option to choose dipping sauces on the side (at an additional cost)
  • Let customers select how thick and crunchy they want their crust

Wings: some like it hot

illustration of a basket of chicken wings
  • Allow customers to select the level of spiciness and crispiness for each flavor
  • Let customers specify how they’d like sauce applied (on the side, light, or heavy)
  • Allow customers to add extra dipping sauces (at an additional cost)
  • If possible, give customers the option of drumsticks or wings
  • Specify the number of pieces or items they’ll get in a dish, like a half-dozen or a dozen

Go the extra yard with in-app marketing

star icon used in the Uber Eats app to represent customer loyalty

Make sure your menu gets the attention it deserves with built-in marketing tools in Uber Eats Manager. Take a look at your home team’s schedule—are they playing on Sunday afternoon? Or during one of the prime-time slots on Monday night? Use the time to help you determine the optimal flight dates for your campaigns, consider what goals you’re trying to reach, and hit the ground running.

  • Ads to boost visibility: When people open Uber Eats, businesses running ads may be some of the first they see. This means you’ll get more visibility with people all over your city leading up to and during the game.
  • Promotions to incentivize orders: Offers like “buy one, get one” deals or providing dollars off a larger purchase will give more people a reason to order from you as they’re weighing their game time options. 
  • Loyalty programs to drive repeat business: Keep customers coming back on gameday by offering rewards—like a free item—after hitting a certain number of orders.

Make your business the MVP of gameday

badge icon used in the Uber Eats app to identify top-performing restaurants

Turn new customers into avid fans this football season with a delivery menu that stands out from the pack. 

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If you have questions about creating your menu, using in-app marketing tools, or otherwise, support is available 24/7 . For help with common questions, visit our online FAQ. You can also contact Support at 833-275-3287 (833-ASK-EATS) or by emailing