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Built Your Way: Growing with your community

November 18 / US

Every business on Uber Eats is unique, ranging from corner stores to nationwide enterprises, startups to long-standing family-owned operations. And yet one important quality connects all of you: passion for serving your community. 

Your business is more than just a storefront. You’re the center of an ecosystem. It’s a privilege that you’ve invited us to play a small part in your story, and we’re committed to making our role count for you on and off the platform. 

This issue of Built Your Way focuses on our growth together outside of the app. Below, we invite you to explore ways that we’ve connected with many of you through existing partnerships and how we plan to build alongside you in the years to come.

Stories that inspire: how you affect the people you serve

Running a business is challenging even on the best days, and the circumstances that unfolded over the past few years have made this task more daunting. But during moments when the world seems to stop in its tracks, you keep pushing forward.

We’ve witnessed the power of your resilience firsthand through 2 recent initiatives in the US: Grants for Growth, which, in partnership with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and Visa, awarded $1 million in grants to restaurants on the Uber Eats platform recovering from the pandemic; and our partnership with EatOkra to support Black-owned businesses

You’ve persevered on behalf of the people you serve, and in the process you’ve continued to build bridges, spread love, and nourish communities. Below are just a few examples.

Building bridges

“Bridging cultures through food is one of my proudest achievements. This is not just a restaurant to me. This is my family.” Spencer Ng, Owner of Triple Crown, Grants for Growth recipient (Chicago, IL)
“We’re trying to create a connection with you. Culture, tradition, and relationships—food connects everyone in that way.” Jamila Ross, Co-owner of Rosie’s, Grants for Growth recipient (Miami, FL)

Spreading love

“We define ourselves by what we do and who we are, and not by what we love. I decided to define myself by what I love. And that’s the ability to feed people, nourish people, and make really great pastries.” Umber Ahmad, Owner of Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery, Grants for Growth recipient (New York, NY)
“You can’t really eat a funnel cake without having fun or a smile on your face. I even have customers who tell me, ‘This made my day today.’ It’s definitely more than funnel cakes for me. It’s something that provides happiness and joy, and that’s what I love to do.” Cheyenne Brown, Owner of Fun-Diggity Funnel Cakes, Grants for Growth recipient (Los Angeles, CA)

Nourishing communities

“Local Green was built out of necessity. I had my own personal weight and health challenges, and I understood how my eating helped me combat chronic illness and other things that disproportionately plague the African American community. I wanted to bring that back to my community.” Zak Wallace, Owner of Local Green, listed on EatOkra (Atlanta, GA)
“We use food as medicine deliciously. We start with the best quality ingredients, and then our destination is deliciousness. It’s a political statement to say that we want organic foods, that we don’t want it full of pesticides.” Tassili Ma’at, Owner of Tassili’s Raw Reality, listed on EatOkra (Atlanta, GA)

Expanding your resources: spotlight on Black-owned businesses

Building bridges, spreading love, and nourishing communities doesn’t happen overnight. It unfolds over time with a considerable amount of dedication and hard work. When it comes to our work together, you deserve the same level of long-term commitment. 

One of the ways we’ll continue to show up is by fighting racism and championing equity in your communities. As part of our pledge to become an actively anti-racist company, we’ve committed $10 million to support Black-owned businesses. In 2022, we’ve been particularly focused on bringing this commitment to life by gathering in person to celebrate, connect, and create space for community building. Here’s a look at how we’ve come together recently:  

  • April: In collaboration with EatOkra, we hosted the Taste 404 Summit in Atlanta to bring together almost 30 Black-owned restaurants for a day of networking, learning, and knowledge sharing with industry experts.
  • June: In honor of Juneteenth, we sponsored celebrations in Brooklyn, Harlem, Houston, and Tulsa in partnership with local community organizations that featured Black-owned restaurants, vendors, performers, and more.

Looking ahead, we’ll take our commitment further in 2023 with new opportunities for you to hone your skill sets, form connections within your community and industry, and accelerate the growth of your business.    

Erica Jones, Co-owner of The Wing Bar, poses a question to an industry expert at the Taste 404 Summit in Atlanta.

Going further together: forging partnerships that meet your needs

We’re committed to expanding support for the diverse group of businesses on our platform. We recognize that your needs vary based on a wide range of factors. These nuances are deeply important to us.

To make sure our initiatives meet your needs, we’ll continue to listen, learn, and gain a deeper understanding of your businesses and communities—from the causes you’re passionate about to the resources you consider most essential. We’re here to create connections that empower you to grow your way. 

For tips and tricks on adapting to changing times and building the most resilient version of your business, explore this free restaurant toolkit we developed with LISC, Visa, and Streetsense. >

To hear more stories of resilience, connection, and enrichment from other merchants on Uber Eats, visit our community page. This is the foundation we’ll build on, together. >