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How to meet your Mother’s Day marketing goals in 2022

April 26 / US

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and that can only mean 2 things: 

  1. If you haven’t already planned something special for Mom, it’s time to get on it.
  2. This is a great opportunity to attract new customers to your business and connect with existing ones by helping them celebrate loved ones. 

And remember: when it comes to driving higher sales, it’s not just about delivery. The right platform can give you marketing tools to help you get more customers to your storefront, drive more orders, and keep regulars coming back. Below you’ll find a breakdown of 3 Mother’s Day marketing goals to work toward in the lead-up to Mom’s big day.

Goal 1: Use ads to attract customers who want to treat Mom

Finding success on delivery apps is competitive.

Delivery apps are a competitive space, and the need to cut through the noise on a celebratory occasion like Mother’s Day only adds to the challenge. Even if your spot is the talk of the neighborhood, standing out in a place where customers have seemingly endless options takes marketing savvy.

That’s where ads come in. Ads are a sales-driving tool that can help your business gain visibility within delivery apps such as Uber Eats. This visibility can keep your business top of mind for new and existing customers alike. Unlike other advertising platforms, Uber Eats ads allow you to easily report on the sales generated from your campaigns and understand the total return on what you spend.

This tool lets you cast a wide net to maximize your broader visibility or target certain types of customers and groups. For example, you can filter who sees your ads by order history to prioritize likely matches. Occasions such as Mother’s Day are opportunities to send a timely message to customers that reminds them that that little something special for Mom—like a dessert, flowers, or a candle—are available at your business.

Ads make an impact

Merchants who used ads on the Uber Eats platform saw an average of 27% more new customers than those who didn’t use ads.*

Goal 2: With promotions, turn Mother’s Day browsers into buyers

There’s more than one way to stand out on delivery apps, especially on special occasions. Incentivizing customers with an offer or deal can be that last helpful nudge to turn a casual browser into a customer. Promotions can help entice customers with limited-time discounts (“Take 20% off these bestsellers before Friday”) or by tacking on appealing bonuses (“Spend $20, get fries for free”).

By increasing the value of an order, you’re making it easier for customers to tap the order button more often. When you run promotions on Uber Eats, you can choose a time frame, a budget, and even a target audience, such as first-time customers. You can run up to 5 at once, including promotions for special occasions like Mother’s Day.

Using promotions to increase order size

Encouraging customers to unlock value by spending more through promotions can increase sales and customer retention. Most customers want to get the most bang for their buck when ordering, and this answers that need directly. On Uber Eats you can offer this type of deal in 3 ways:

  • Give a free item: If you’re a restaurant, you could, say, offer a free drink with any entree order; a retail shop could offer a gift for orders of $30 or more
  • Discount specific items: Reducing the cost of an item to drive sales works well with high-margin items in order to minimize the cost to you
  • Take a percentage off: This applies a blanket discount to the full sum of the order, incentivizing customers to add items and bump up their total

Businesses of all stripes can use promotions to drive more orders and sales for Mother’s Day. Restaurants, grocery and retail stores, and specialty shops can all benefit from the May rush. Third-party apps like Uber Eats make it easy.

Promotions make an impact

Merchants who used promotions on the Uber Eats platform saw an average of 50% increase in orders.**

Goal 3: Keep regulars (and their moms) coming back

It’s fair to say that customer loyalty is based heavily on the overall customer experience. From the quality of your products to the little extra touches, the added effort pulls people in. The trick is creating that same experience through delivery apps like Uber Eats. On Mother’s Day, the stakes are even higher.

Loyalty programs give customers a reason to come back. Think of them as digital punch cards. People want that free item at the end, and that sense of investment will benefit your bottom line. Loyalty programs on Uber Eats are customizable, so you can reward customers no matter what type of business you are. The flexibility lets you create something unique to you that works with your budget. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

People can track their reward progress in the Uber Eats app, and they’ll receive out-of-app messages letting them know when they’ve earned a reward or have one that’s about to expire. This keeps your storefront top of mind for customers when they’re thinking about ordering. It also incentivizes customers to order more frequently.

As an added benefit, businesses with loyalty programs show up in a featured Rewards section of the Uber Eats app and get their own special branding. That means your storefront is featured in front of customers just for having a loyalty program set up.

Types of loyalty rewards on Uber Eats

Rewards on the app are either order-based, meaning a reward is unlocked after a certain number of orders are completed, or spending-based, meaning customers earn rewards after spending a set amount. Both options have benefits, depending on your type of business.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to use loyalty programs to engage your customers for Mother’s Day, read our deeper dive.

Going beyond delivery to hit your Mother’s Day marketing goals is easier with a partner like Uber Eats. Launch an ad campaign to attract customers looking for something special. Run a promotion to increase your order size and drive higher sales. Build a loyalty program to turn new customers into advocates who refer friends and loved ones—Mom included—to your business.

Make Mother’s Day count this year

Celebratory occasions and other calendar dates of note are all opportunities to market your business on Uber Eats. Spoiling Mom on Mother’s Day is especially one of those moments when customers are less concerned about cost and more focused on leaving an impression. Leverage that insight to move the needle this year.

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*On average for SMB merchants in the US. Based on comparing users exposed to ads and not exposed to ads between 9/1/21 and 9/30/21. Actual results may vary.

**Based on overall Uber Eats merchant totals. Actual results may vary.