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Why I Drive – Kevin

March 8, 2016 / Honolulu

Cars are one of the most expensive assets a typical American family buys and maintains — yet they sit unused 96 percent of the time. Driving with Uber means people can get more value out of this expensive asset by turning their car into an income generator.

Uber offers a supplemental income during professional or personal transitions. People are driving on the Uber platform to get the pay raise they have not received in their other jobs, or to help themselves when they get in a tight spot. Kevin had served in the Navy here on Oahu and has been driving with Uber in between jobs. He uses his earnings to help make his transition a smooth one.


From veterans looking for flexible part-time work while they go back to school, to reservists looking for a full-time opportunity between drills, to military spouses hoping for a job that can follow them on the next move, Uber is a perfect fit.

  • You’re the Boss: Uber partners work whenever they want, wherever they want.
  • Entrepreneurship Awaits: From day one, drivers set their own hours, have access to customers, and create their own steady and growing stream of income.

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The Uber platform offers people a flexible work opportunity that fits around their lives — and not the other way around. People choose to partner with Uber because it offers them the kind of work they want — work that offers complete autonomy and flexibility.