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5-star tips and tricks

April 11, 2019 / US

Just a little respect

“A good rider is courteous of other riders when they are in an uberPOOL trip.”

-Daniil, San Francisco

“Please be considerate and please, please, don't slam the door closed.”

-Michael, Pittsburgh

Be your best self

“Friendly conversation is always a great way to earn a 5 star rating.”

-Stacy, Las Vegas

“Just be nice, saying something as simple as good morning or good afternoon goes a long way.”

-Jorge, San Francisco

Know where to go

“I would encourage riders to always be ready when they request the ride.”

-Surdeep, San Francisco

“Be outside waiting where we can find you and easily access your location for pick up.”

-Mustapha, Pittsburgh

Go your own way

“If a road is closed and the rider normally takes the route, it would be helpful to communicate that.”

-Jack, Las Vegas

“When you want to take a different route please let us know ahead of time.”

-Aziz, San Francisco