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Once Upon a Ride

We’re bringing your memorable Uber trips to life. Once Upon a Ride features real Uber trips, as told by the actual riders and drivers that experienced them.

Once upon a ride, Kwaye asked for the aux cable to share his music. His driver was looking for the next big thing. See what happens when a former music exec pulls up.

Miss the last episodes? We’ve got you covered:

Margaret’s story

Once upon a ride, Margaret picked up two Pool riders heading home. Little did her passengers know, their lives were about to change. See what happens when a short commute turns into a major, lifelong detour.

Ray’s story

Take a trip with Ray, who drives in Honolulu, as he shares his story. When he picked up a mom, daughter, and grandma in his karaoke car, he had no idea his love for music was about to make them all travel through time.

Scott’s story

We kicked things off with Scott, a rider from Los Angeles. His story starts with an overnight business trip in Vegas, but you’ll have to see where the night takes him.

Do you have an Uber trip that you always tell your friends about? Share your trip story with us for a chance to be featured on Once Upon a Ride at