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Meet our driver-partner heroes: Michele, Dallas-Fort Worth area

May 7, 2019 / US

Every day, Uber driver-partners and riders across the world do things, both big and small, that help make their communities better and safer places. In the coming months we will be highlighting and celebrating a few of those moments when a driver-partner or rider went above and beyond and had a powerful impact in their community, and inspired us at Uber.

Earlier this year driver-partner Michele Champoux was on a trip near Dallas when she and her rider noticed the vehicle next to them was on fire. The driver of that vehicle appeared completely unaware.

What happened next demonstrated Michele’s commitment to her community, a commitment that is shared by many Uber riders and driver-partners throughout the world.

Michele could have simply called 911 and kept driving or let someone else stop and help, but she couldn’t just keep going.

She pulled in front of the smoking vehicle, slowed down, and signaled to the driver to pull over. When they did, Michele and her rider ran back to help get the driver and her two children out and away from the smoking vehicle.

Within minutes the vehicle was engulfed in flames, but Michele was still hard at work, keeping people away from the flaming car while waiting for the fire department to arrive and put the fire out.

When faced with a difficult situation, Michele took an extraordinary action. She became an unwitting hero to a family and her community. She also exemplified the “do the right thing” attitude we see regularly in Uber riders and driver-partners.

Michele put it best: “I think it is our responsibility to help each other out. That’s the essence of community. It’s just being there for each other.”

Thank you, Michele!

And thank you to all the Uber driver-partners across the world whose everyday actions—big and small—help make their communities better and safer places.

And while driver-partners and riders have been going above-and-beyond, we have also been hard at work to raise the bar on safety. Over the last year, we’ve announced multiple new safety features including an Emergency Button, Trusted Contacts, Safety Center, and stronger background checks. This builds on the safety components that are already part of Uber, such as being able to push a button and avoid drunk driving and track every trip with GPS.

Whether you ride or drive with Uber, your safety is at the heart of everything we do. But our work is never done and we will continue working hard to improve safety, day in and day out.

Do you know an Uber driver-partner or rider who has done something heroic? Let us know.