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Your Guide to the new Capitol Hill Loading Zones

November 13, 2019 / US

Introducing the Capitol Hill Passenger Loading Zone pilot program.

In collaboration with the Seattle Department of Transportation, the Seattle Police Department, and the Office of Film + Music, we are launching a designated passenger loading zone pilot in the Capitol Hill Restaurant and Bar District. 

Four Passenger Loading Zones

During designated times, riders in the Capitol Hill area on Pike Street between Broadway and 12th will be directed to select one of four designated passenger loading zones on either Pine St. or Union St. The zones are active each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from midnight until 3 a.m. 

Dedicated Curb Space

There will be dedicated curb space at each Capitol Hill zone, offering a place to pull over and pick up your riders away from the main nightlife area. The loading zones offer 3-minute loading and have special signs to make the areas easier to identify. 

Road Closures

Note there will be road closures on 10th Ave and 11th Ave between Pine St. and Union St. Standard traffic laws and directions from law enforcement still apply around the passenger loading zones.