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Corporate Change: Bo

August 9, 2018 / North America

Drivers and delivery partners have completed more than 10 billion trips since 2010. With so many rides and deliveries happening all over the world, getting the details right makes the ride better for everyone.

For Bo, a product designer on our Driver Experience team, her day is spent trying to move Uber forward by improving the driving experience. This past year, Bo and her team partnered with drivers around the world to build a better Driver app. Because drivers are at the heart of Uber, it was critical to learn from their daily experiences on the road.

“To rebuild the Driver app, we had to start from the ground up and learn from the people who knew it best,” says Bo. “Driving with Uber is a balancing act—you’re actually driving and getting navigation help from the app at the same time. There’s a lot of things on the road that demand your attention, so it’s important that the app is designed in a simple way.”

To design something simple, you have to be focused on the details. Bo channels her own focus on details into her passion for sketching. She’ll often sit in a coffee shop and draw incredibly detailed images of the faces she sees, or imagined scenes from the chit-chat she overhears.

When she’s back in the Uber office, the app experiences she designs take their first form on her sketchpad.

“It’s easier to do a quick sketch to capture what people are talking about rather than designing a screen,” she says. “The direct conversations we had with drivers really informed the final version of the app. We’re designing something that gets used all around the world, so focusing on those details is critical.”

Working to improve the driver experience is just one way Uber is moving forward—and with new transportation options like JUMP Bikes, scooter sharing, and more, we’re excited to make the next 10 billion trips even better.