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To California drivers: keeping you in the driver’s seat, Part 2

January 8, 2020 / California

Last month, in response to a new law in California, we announced changes to protect and enhance your ability to work flexibly and on your own terms. As a first step, all California drivers now see estimated earnings and trip destination up front before accepting a trip.

As a next step, we’re simplifying our fare structure to further clarify the relationship between you and your riders, and Uber’s role as a technology platform. While time and distance rates have not changed, some of these changes, especially those we’ve made to promotions, may take some time to get used to. 

What’s changing?

The Service Fee that you pay to Uber won’t exceed 25% for UberX trips

Starting this week, Uber’s Service Fee on UberX trips in California won’t be more than 25% of the trip fare and will be shown in advance on your offer card. The final trip fare will be calculated at the end of the trip, and it will be based on the actual time and distance of the trip. 

Your trip receipt will show the trip fare, Uber’s Service Fee calculation, and your take-home earnings.

Note: A 28% Uber Service Fee will apply to all UberXL, Comfort, SUV and Lux trips.

Trips with Surge will now be calculated as multiples of the trip fare

During busy times and in places where a lot of riders are requesting trips, your map will now show Surge multiples instead of fixed dollar amounts. 

For trips beginning in these zones, you’ll earn a multiple of the trip fare, which will be included in the estimated earnings range on your offer card. Your trip earnings will be based on the same Surge multiple that the rider pays.

On Pool trips, you’ll see the exact amount you’ll earn for every completed pickup, before you start the trip

Unlike the estimated range you’ll see on UberX trips, your offer card will show the exact amount you’ll earn for every Pool pickup.

Every time a new rider is added to your Pool trip, you’ll also see the additional amount you’ll earn, as well as each rider’s destination. 

The Service Fee on UberPool trips is based on factors such as whether you match with additional passengers and how much time on route is shared between passengers.

Promotions will now offer a lower Uber Service Fee (only in participating cities)

Previously, if you drove in a city where Quest promotions were available, you were offered a payout when you completed a certain number of trips in a given period. 

Starting next week, if you complete a certain number of Quest trips, you’ll pay Uber a lower Service Fee for the remaining trips you take in that period—which means that you can take home more of your earnings. For example, if you choose a 50-trip Quest and complete 75 trips, you’ll get a lower Service Fee for the last 25 trips. 

We’re also replacing the Consecutive Trips promotion with a new promotion called Boost. With Boost, you’ll have the chance to lower Uber’s Service Fee by completing trips in certain locations during busy times of day. Unlike Consecutive Trips, Boost won’t have a minimum trip requirement. Any Service Fee reductions you receive through Boost will always be in addition to those you get with Quest, but the Service Fee will never be less than 1% of the trip fare.

If you drive in participating cities, we’ll send you more details about how Quest will work on Friday, January 10, and more about how Boost will work on Sunday, January 12.

Delivering with Uber Eats

We’re launching similar features that provide upfront information on Uber Eats. When you deliver with Uber Eats, you’ll see estimated earnings and trip information before you accept the trip. You’ll also be able to identify your preferred restaurants and that information will be shared on the offer card, so you have even more info before you choose to accept a delivery trip.