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To California drivers: keeping you in the driver’s seat

December 3, 2019 / California

There has been a lot of important debate about flexible work and what it means to drive with Uber in California. With the passage of new laws, we’ve been carefully considering how we could further protect your access and enhance the flexibility and transparency of the Uber platform going forward. It is important for you to know that come January 1, you’ll still be able to earn with Uber when and where you want, as your own boss.

You’ve told us flexibility is the #1 reason you choose Uber: the ability to work entirely on your own schedule; to leave or return to the platform whenever you want; to work on other platforms at the same time; and for each of those decisions to be fundamentally your own.

But we’ve also heard from you that we can do more to improve the experience for Drivers so you can reap the full independence that the platform can provide. So starting today, you’ll see more information upfront that will help you earn on your own terms. We’ll also add new features to help you build your business on our platform. And in the coming months, we will also make the fare structure more straightforward so it’s clear where your earnings and fees come from. 

Some of these changes are ones that many of you have suggested in the past, and some upcoming changes will take some time to get used to. Either way, we are confident that all of the changes will make working with Uber work better for you.

The following feature updates launch today and will be fully available to all California drivers by mid-January:

You’ll see trip information upfront so you can make informed decisions.

By seeing your pickup, trip time, distance, destination and fare upfront, you’ll know what you can expect to earn and where a trip will take you, all before you accept, on every trip. The dollar amount you see is the estimated amount you’ll take home, after Uber’s service fee, if you accept the trip. Your final earnings calculation will not change, and is still based on the actual time and distance of the trip.

This applies to all trips, including Pool. You’ll see the same upfront destination information when riders are added to your Pool trips (with upfront fare estimate coming soon).

As a reminder, rejecting requests for discriminatory reasons, including rejecting trips solely to avoid particular neighborhoods, violates Uber’s Community Guidelines and California law. You can review our Community Guidelines here

Accept only the trips you want to take and your Uber Pro status won’t be affected

Your acceptance rate will no longer affect your Uber Pro status and access to Uber Pro rewards. Uber Pro points, your driver star rating, and cancellation rate will still determine your status.

And remember, if you have a safety concern after arriving at the pickup location or your rider doesn’t show up, your cancellation rate won’t change.

We’re going to build more products that help you grow your business with Uber.

You should be able to earn more by providing your customers with great service. Starting today, providing a 5 star trip for your riders will create opportunity for more business later. After a 5-star rating, your rider can now add you as a favorite.

In early 2020, riders will be able to request their favorite drivers when scheduling a trip in advance, giving you the first opportunity to accept the reservation request as soon as the ride is scheduled. If you give a rider a 1-star rating, you won’t be matched on future rides.

To California drivers: keeping you in the driver’s seat, Part 2