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Meet UberX Share

May 25 / US

Shared trips with you in mind

UberX Share is a new type of trip option for two riders going in similar directions to share a ride.

How UberX Share works

  1. Accept a trip, like you would with UberX for your first rider. The Driver app will search for ways to pick up more riders along the way. 
  2. You’ll be notified when another  rider is added, your route will update automatically.
  3. If a rider doesn’t arrive at the pickup location within 2 minutes, you’ll have the option to cancel and receive the cancellation fee. 
  4. Riders only get the full UberX Share discount on their price if you pick up a co-rider. We designed it this way so riders would be welcoming to each other while in your car.

Your work, your choice

Not interested in UberX Share trips? No problem, you can go to Preferences and turn UberX Share off at any time.

Explore UberX Share and more through the Driver app.