uberWAV: Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles in Austin

June 7, 2017 / Austin
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Our goal is to make transportation as reliable as running water—for everyone, everywhere. With that goal in mind, we are pleased to offer UberWAV, which quickly and reliably connects Austin riders with wheelchair accessible vehicles.

How to use UberWAV:

  1. UberWAV is available to anyone who needs it—just add it to the ride menu listed in your app by entering the code: UBERACCESSATX
  2. To apply the code in your Uber app, select ‘PAYMENT’ from the app menu. Scroll down, tap ‘Add Promo Code’, enter the code UBERACCESSATX, and tap ‘Apply’
  3. Now you can request a ride with UberWAV. Just enter your destination and swipe the ride menu to view more options; you will find ‘WAV’ in the ‘More’ vehicle options field

UberWAV is available in Austin at the same rates as uberX.

For more information about accessibility at Uber please visit