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5 virtual gift ideas for the festive season

October 22, 2020 / US

As people continue to socially distance, holiday parties might not be on the agenda this year. Still, you probably want to show your employees appreciation for all they do and find new ways to say thanks.

The good news is that gift-giving doesn’t have to be in person to have an impact. Virtual gifts and celebrations can still be of value and have substance—and create goodwill for all. Here are 5 virtual gift ideas to keep things festive and bright.

Gift baskets: a fun surprise

Gift baskets may seem cliché or impersonal, but honestly, they’re a joy to receive. Sending a fruit basket directly to your remote employees’ homes can be a great way to connect with them in their new work environment—and a treat the whole family (or roommates) can enjoy.

If you want to venture to something a bit more personal, plenty of box delivery companies have popped up recently, delivering things like cocktail kits, terrarium starters, and even home-office startup packages. If the gift box includes an activity, you could gather the team together over video chat and have everyone open them and build them together.

Sharing a meal together

As your employees continue to socially distance themselves, it’s still important to get the whole team together. Why not share a meal virtually?

We’re seeing customers use Vouchers to cover the cost of meals with Uber Eats for their employees. Everyone gets a chance to order takeout from their favorite local spot and support local businesses at the same time.

With Vouchers, you can control how much you’ll cover for each person as well as the time frame in which they can use it. This way, you’ll only pay for how much is actually used and ensure that it goes toward sharing time together with the team.

Charitable giving to lift everyone’s heart

A lot of people have been hit hard by the pandemic, and there’s no shortage of good causes to which to donate. Help your employees feel connected with their community by setting aside some money for everyone to donate to their favourite charity.

You could let each person select a charity for their portion, or let them nominate charities and have the whole team vote on which one(s) they like. This way, everyone can be involved in communal giving, and your team will feel more connected over doing something good.

A gift that works for everybody

Gift cards are the tried-and-true option for giving a gift that lets your employees choose what they want. And we’d be lying if we said that we think Uber gift cards aren’ a great option.

The festive season is a time for travel and togetherness. Give your employees a ride to their loved one’s house for cookies and tea, or to the airport to catch a flight home. Uber gift cards also work for Uber Eats, so employees can order dinner for the whole family if they’d like—and avoid doing the dishes that evening.

Gift cards are also great as a spiff for top performers, or as a giveaway that can surprise and delight.  

Gifts that keep giving

What’s better than a one-time gift? A gift that lasts for weeks or months. Subscription services can be a great way to tailor your gift-giving experience to your team, and they’ll be glad to have it as winter stays cold and grey.

Of course, everyone can use a subscription to their favourite TV streaming service. The team could even pick a show to watch together (and of course discuss before their meetings). Other options for people who are stuck inside can be virtual workout classes or classes to help the team build a skill.

Summing up

Winter brings with it not only cold weather and shorter days, but also a time to celebrate our successes of the past year and to be with our loved ones. As your company continues to physically distance, it’s important to find other ways of bringing your team together and to show them that you appreciate all they’ve done.

Virtual gifts don’t have to be intangible, and you still have time to plan out what your company is going to do to spread the festive cheer. Learn more here about Uber for Business and how you can leverage our platform to treat your employees.