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Do you need a car to drive with the Uber app in Australia?

Our vehicle solutions partners could help you get a vehicle in a matter of days.

Uber can connect you with car rental, leasing, and finance providers that offer a variety of deals designed for ridesharing or delivering in select cities.

Consider flexible low-commitment rentals

Want to get on the road quickly to try driving with Uber? Or need a rental while your car is getting fixed? You can find a rental car from one of our vehicle solutions partners with low or no upfront fees and a short-term contract, so you can return it when you’re ready.

Drive with Uber without owning a car

Don’t have your own car? You can choose one to rent or rent-to-own from our vehicle solutions partners that comes with insurance, unlimited kilometres, basic maintenance, and/or other possible options.

Go electric and save on all trips

The cost of charging an electric vehicle (EV) is typically much cheaper than buying fuel.² Plus, driver partners using battery EVs to drive on the Uber platform may be eligible to save 50% on the Service Fee.3 Check if our vehicle solutions partners offer EV rentals or rent-to-own EVs in your city today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • To rent a car from one of our vehicle solutions partners to earn with the Uber app, you’ll first need to sign up to drive or deliver with the Uber app.

    Next, you can visit this site to see offers available in your city. Once you’ve selected the option that best suits your needs, contact the vehicle solutions partner to arrange your rental car.

  • Weekly rentals start at $188 per week, but the total cost will vary depending on the type of vehicle you choose and how long you want to keep the car.4 To find more information about pricing through one of our vehicle solutions partners, go to this site.

  • All rental offers available through Uber’s Vehicle Marketplace come with insurance included. Some partners offer the option to purchase additional insurance.

  • We launched Uber’s Vehicle Marketplace to help driver partners without access to an eligible car find an opportunity to earn with the Uber app. We’ve now partnered with Splend, Karmo, RideLender, Hertz, and others so that driver partners can more easily get a ready-to-go car with flexible options and start earning quickly. Once you’ve identified the rental offer that best suits your needs, you can complete the booking directly with the vehicle solutions partner.

  • Our vehicle solutions partners in Australia offer eligible driver partners the opportunity to rent by the day, by the week, or longer. You can also find rent-to-own options through Uber’s Vehicle Marketplace in select cities. If you wish to rent a car from one of our vehicle solutions partners, you’ll need to arrange this directly with that partner.

  • Most of our vehicle solutions partners will consider rental applications regardless of credit history. Please visit the partner’s website for full rental terms and conditions (including any applicable finance terms).

  • Since your rental agreement will be made directly with one of our vehicle solutions partners, it’s best to contact the company you rent from to understand its cancellation policies.

  • It depends on the rental provider and the demand for vehicles. We have found that in most cases, driver partners can find a rental option in a matter of days. You can get in touch with your rental provider for further information.

  • The money you can make driving with the Uber app depends on when, where, and how often you go online, as well as other factors (such as whether you participate in any promotions). Learn about earnings, how they’re calculated, how in-app promotions work, and more.

  • Once you arrange for your rental car, you’ll need to add the vehicle to your Uber profile, depending on the vehicle solutions partner you’ve chosen. In some cases, our partners can automatically assign the vehicle to your profile; to allow this, provide your consent to linking your Uber account.

    In other cases, vehicle solutions partners will hand you the required vehicle documents to add to your profile. You can do this through Uber’s Driver app by going to your Account section and uploading copies of the required vehicle documents.

The material provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not be applicable in your city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.

The offers and promotions listed on the Uber Vehicle Marketplace website pages are not provided by Uber; they are provided by companies that would like to let you know about their deals. The availability or validity of these offers are entirely outside of Uber’s control. Uber does not warrant, guarantee, or endorse any of these offers or third-party product information. Information on this website does not constitute any representation or financial, tax, or any other type of advice by or on behalf of Uber.

  1. Replacement vehicles are subject to our partners’ inventory availability.
  2. The cost of fuel and charging can vary depending on factors such as location, vehicle type, personal usage, and market conditions.
  3. Terms and conditions apply.
  4. Offers are subject to change or withdrawal at any time without notice, and may depend on the state or city in which you are located. Several factors may determine the base price of a rental, including the duration of the rental, the car make and model, and its home location. Please visit the rental company’s website for a full description of the terms and conditions applicable to your rental.