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Vehicle inspections in Western Australia

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You'll need a vehicle safety inspection to drive with Uber in Western Australia. It’s a good idea to check your car meets your city's requirements before having it inspected.

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In Western Australia, all vehicles need to pass an annual vehicle inspection at an Approved Inspection Station (AIS). This is a requirement for holding a PTV (Passenger Transport Vehicle) under On-Demand Charter category.

We've partnered with Redbook Inspect to offer you a fully accredited vehicle inspection.

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To ensure the vehicle inspection can be carried out at your chosen booking time please add the vehicle to your Uber account beforehand.

Please note that if the vehicle has not previously passed a vehicle inspection at an AIS you will need to bring your letter headed "Passenger Transport Vehicle licence - vehicle examination required" issued by the Department of Transport when you applied for your Passenger Transport Vehicle Licence.

Vehicle inspection tips

Common issues to look out for

1. Tyres

Ensure each tyre has a sufficient tread depth of at least 1.5mm. To save time, we recommend you check your tyres prior to getting an inspection.

2. Lights

Ensure all lights are working, including headlights, park lights, signal indicator lights and brake lights.

3. Leaks

Check your car is not leaking oil or fuel.

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