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Working with Children Check

All driver-partners in Tasmania are required by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to hold a Working with Vulnerable People (Children) registration in order to obtain an Ancillary Certificate.

Please note

While Uber does not allow children to travel alone, this registration is a requirement to hold an Ancillary Certificate in Tasmania.

Working with Children Check

How to apply

1. Fill in your application

  • For Class of registration, choose "Employment/volunteer"

  • For Child-related activity, choose "Child transport service (includes all Public Passenger Vehicle Ancillary Certificate holders)"

  • For Regulated Body Name, choose the "Registrar of Motor Vehicles"

2. Head to a Service Tasmania Shop

You will need to print the 'Application Receipt' which will be generated when you complete the application online or write down your reference number and head to a Service Tasmania Shop to complete your registration.

After submitting your application for Working with Vulnerable People (Children) registration the Department of justice will advise the outcome of your application.

When this occurs take a photo of your approval receipt and upload it to your profile at

Aready registered to Work with Children in Tasmania?

I'm registered with a:

'Employment' or 'Employment/Volunteer' class of registration

Take a photo of your card and upload it to your profile at

'Volunteer' class of registration

You will need to upgrade it online by heading here.

Once you've upgraded your check, upload a copy of the receipt to your profile at and we can progress your application.

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