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Getting your car ready

Before taking your first trip, here are a few things drivers have told us they recommend. In some cities, these steps are required by law.

1. A phone mount for navigating hands-free.

2. A Bluetooth headset for taking calls (where permitted by law).

3. A phone charger so you never run out of battery while driving.

4. An Uber decal (also called a sticker or trade dress), required in some cities.

Prepare for your inspection

To save time and money, make sure your tyres meet Australia's safety requirements before you take your vehicle for an inspection.

Check your tyre tread depth

Place a 10 cent coin between the tread of each tyre. If you cannot see the edge of the coin, like in the bottom photo, the tyre passes the minimum requirement.

If you can see the edge of the coin, your tyres do not meet the requirement and will need to be replaced before you can get on the road.


The information provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not be applicable in your country, region or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.