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Welcome to Uber Austria!

Learn what you need to do if you would like to use the Uber driver app as an entrepreneur or as a driver. New and existing partners and drivers get all information needed on this site.

Let's get started

Depending on your situation you can choose one out of three options:

Information for drivers

Choose this option if you are a licensed taxi driver and are not yet affiliated with a taxi company. In this case you will be employed by a taxi company. You cannot drive with your private vehicle using the Uber driver app.

Information for taxi companies

Choose this option if you have a taxi company in Austria and want to create an Uber account or if you already have an Uber account for your company.

Get your taxi driver license

Since January 2021, a taxi driver’s license is required to continue using the Uber app as a driver.

How the Uber app works

Watch the short video on how the Uber driver app works below. It has never been easier to make money!

Start making money with Uber in Austria