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Orange County

Orange County needs drivers like you. Thousands of riders request rides with Uber every day, and you can use your vehicle to cash in on the action.

Toll roads

Often, while on a trip, toll roads in the Southern California area are used to get passengers safely to their destination.

While on a trip, drivers are responsible for paying tolls to toll roads. When the trip ends, tolls are automatically billed to the passenger, and drivers will be refunded on their weekly earnings statement.

Note: it’s important to remember that you will not be refunded for tolls while you are not on a trip with a rider, even if you're on the way to their pickup location.

  • There are 2 ways you can pay for tolls:

    1. You can make a one-time online payment at without an account within 5 days.
    2. You can set up an online account or physical transponder account with the Toll Roads at
  • Drivers will be reimbursed for tolls on Toll Roads 73, 125, 133, 241, and 261.

    Riders will not be charged and drivers will not be reimbursed for tolls in the optional high-occupancy vehicle lane on the 110 freeway.

  • While many riders prefer to use the toll roads, some do not. You can check with your rider and let them know that they'll be billed for the toll if you take those roads.

CPUC and city requirements: annual background screenings

In accordance with California Public Utilities Commission Decision D.17-11-010, and Pub. Util. Code § 5445.2, all drivers are required to complete an annual background check.

Exhibe tu distintivo de vehículo Uber

The CPUC requires that drivers must display an Uber decal on their vehicle while online. Place them on your front passenger windshield and rear passenger windshield facing outward. When taking airport trips, the airport requires you to display its placard beneath your front trade dress.

You can remove the decals when you decide to go offline and save them for the next time. Pro tip: keep the paper they come with to place your sticker on when not in use.

Once you begin driving using Uber, we'll mail you a decal. You should receive it within 7 business days. If you ever need a new decal after you become a driver, you can request a new one be mailed to you. You can also pick one up at your local Greenlight Hub.

Need a temporary decal? You can print one at home here.

Having Uber trade dress helps riders quickly identify your car, which can help you start the trip on time. Please be aware that failure to display trade dress on both front and rear windshields when online can result in a ticket and fine of up to $1,000.


Informar el millaje del vehículo uno mismo

In California, all TNC vehicles must complete a 19-point vehicle inspection every 12 months or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first. The 50,000-mile requirement includes miles driven when not logged in to the Driver app. As such, we require all drivers to self-report their vehicle mileage. Be on the lookout for how to report your mileage in the Driver app.

Solicitud de información de la CPUC

The CPUC requires us to notify drivers in California that consent is not needed for the disclosure of a driver's information to the CPUC. See CPUC Decision 16-04-041 at 3.

Requisitos de edad

En California, debido a los requisitos de la CPUC, no puedes transportar menores sin acompañantes en viajes pedidos a través de la app de Uber. Ten en cuenta que, en California, un usuario debe ser mayor de 18 años para registrar una cuenta Uber, pero si crees que un usuario es menor de edad, puedes pedirle que confirme su edad e informarle que deberás cancelar el viaje si efectivamente es menor de 18 años. Además, puedes reportar los pedidos para transportar menores sin acompañante al enviar un comentario dentro de la app.

Clases sobre mejora de la calidad

If you're interested for your business, you can watch a series of videos introducing beginning and experienced drivers to lessons and techniques designed to improve customer service skills and ratings. The class is available in a dozen languages including English, Chinese, and Spanish.

Soporte a cada paso

Queremos que los viajes Uber sean tranquilos y sin complicaciones. Por eso estamos aquí para ayudarte a configurar tu cuenta, a ajustar tarifas y más, siempre que lo necesites.

Refiere a personas para conducir y genera más ganancias

Invita a amigos y familiares a unirse a la comunidad Uber. Usa tu código promo cuando recomiendes a otras personas, así obtendrás ganancias adicionales después de que ellos completen una cantidad determinada de viajes.

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