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Supplier diversity at Uber

Encouraging and removing barriers for diverse suppliers to participate in our sourcing process is one way Uber identifies top candidates for innovative, best-in-class partnerships that strengthen our company internally and in the communities we serve. Learn more about our process and how your business can be considered.

What we believe

Our team supports Uber’s diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy, and we’re committed to a fair process that:


  • Offers opportunity for exceptional suppliers to work with Uber
  • Values diverse supply chain and roster of suppliers, vendors, agencies, and business partners
  • Strengthens our global brand by diversifying our supply base
  • Embodies who we aspire to be as a Company that provides equitable opportunity for all.

What Uber looks for

Our company seeks certified diverse partners who are comfortable telling us things we don’t know and willing to point out our unconscious biases. They must also have a proven record of excellence, provide best-in-class services or products, and already be present in our key global markets.

We look at a variety of factors when selecting supplier partners. Most important: we encourage businesses owned by historically underrepresented groups and ethnic minorities, women, LGBTQIA+ individuals, veterans, and/or people with disabilities, plus certified small businesses to participate in our sourcing process. Diverse certification credentials through organizations like the CBE, Department of Veterans Affairs, NGLCC, NMSDC, USBC, and WBENC are a plus, as they help us track our progress in encouraging diverse suppliers to participate in our process.

How our process works

We take the following steps to create excellent and equitable representation in our community of suppliers.


Uber actively seeks diverse suppliers by networking with national and regional diverse-owned business development organizations and advocacy groups. We also attend related events and study the registrations we receive through the form at the bottom of this page.


We determine relevant business criteria such as skills, geographical scope, and capacity. Each potential supplier is measured against these guidelines.


Our team tracks diversity status through third-party certification organizations such as the Coalition of Black Excellence, National LGBT Chamber of Commerce, National Minority Supplier Development Council, US Department of Veterans Affairs, US Black Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. We do not, however, consider race, gender or other protected factors when making decisions on who to partner with.


If we see a fit and your application meets our standards, Uber may reach out to schedule a follow-up interview.

Tell us about your business

Below are some tips for preparing a business case that tells us why you’re uniquely qualified to partner with Uber.


Register as a diverse supplier

To help us see where your business shines, please fill in the form below. Be sure to upload relevant case studies, portfolios, and sales decks.

Existing suppliers: Tier 2 reporting

Our long-term success and commitment to diversity depends on growing and developing a diverse supply base.

Tier 1 (prime) suppliers

Tier 1 suppliers are our best-in-class partners that directly work on Uber business. They will generally have a Master Services Agreement in place. We’re committed to working together to increase the number of their diverse team members staffing Uber business and the number of their diverse subcontractors.

Tier 2 suppliers

Tier 2 suppliers are subcontractors that work with our Tier 1 suppliers. They’re also defined as subcontracted pass-through expenses that a Tier 1/prime supplier conducts on our behalf. (For example: a third-party video production company that contracts with our lead advertising agency.) Tier 1 suppliers will occasionally be requested to provide Tier 2 diverse spend reporting.

Is this your first time entering your Tier 2 reporting? If so, please send an email to to request access to Uber’s Tier 2 reporting tool.

Registration as a diverse supplier is not a guarantee of future business with Uber. All claims to diverse status will be manually verified before inclusion. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for inclusion in Uber’s diverse supplier roster. If we see a mutual fit, Uber may reach out to your organization directly.