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Uber Network Peering Policy

Uber is operating under AS63086. We're willing to peer with any entity connected to the common exchange point with both v4 and v6 addresses. We have a selective peering policy requiring the peer candidate to meet the technical and operational requirements listed below.

Technical requirements

  • The peer candidate will maintain an up-to-date PeeringDB entry
  • The peer candidate will announce a consistent set of routes across all peering points
  • The peer candidate will not announce third-party or transit routes to Uber
  • The peer candidate will not point a default route at Uber or use static routes to send us traffic that doesn't match Uber prefixes

Operational requirements

  • The peer candidate should have a 24x7 NOC to cooperate with Uber to investigate operational and security incidents
  • The peer candidate should actively monitor the health of the peering session and report any issues in a timely manner
  • The peer candidate should provide 48-hour notification to Uber for scheduled maintenance

Peering information

ASN: 63086

Suggested prefix limit: 50


Peering contact:

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