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Information for drivers

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)

Learn how trips work at PIT.

Rules and regulations

Airport Regulations for drivers

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) requires that drivers operating at the airport while using the Uber app remain aware of airport rules. Failure to follow these rules and regulations may result in the airport prohibiting individual drivers from receiving future airport trip requests.

  • The Uber decal (trade dress) must always be displayed on the front passenger windshield facing outward. Drivers can obtain replacement Uber decals at their local Greenlight Hub or can fill out this form to request to receive one by mail.
  • Drivers may only pick up passengers at the designated section of the commercial arrivals curb (Door #4 / Purple Curb).
  • Drivers must come to a complete stop adjacent to the curb before allowing passengers to board. At no time should a passenger walk into traffic. If a passenger walks out into traffic, the airport requests that drivers roll down their window and ask the passenger to return to the curb.
  • Drivers must comply with all instructions and directions provided by Pittsburgh Airport ground transportation staff and law enforcement personnel.
  • Each Permitted TNC Vehicle that is transporting a child shall have a child safety seat (complying with applicable Pennsylvania regulations) available for Passengers traveling with children. If the driver does not have a child safety seat, he/she must inform the passengers that they must take an alternative mode of transportation.
  • All dropoffs are to occur upstairs on the public departures curb.

Avoid losing airport access by following rules

To avoid losing your access to the airport, be sure to follow all Airport rules when completing airport trips. Pittsburgh International Airport has the authority to prohibit a driver from receiving future airport trips. Divers who do lose access are asked to reach out to Uber for additional information and not the airport directly.

Additional rules and regulations

  • PIT expects drivers to maintain the cleanliness of its on-property restrooms, if used.
  • If you wish to file a complaint about the airport property restrooms, PIT requests that you do so via Uber in-app support. Afterwards, Uber will share any complaints with airport authorities.
  • Waiting at the PIT curb for pickups is not permitted—the curb should only be used for active loading and unloading.
  • You may be asked to show your waybill. To access it, tap the "info" button that appears in your app.
  • When on airport property, the Uber Driver app must be open at all times (drivers must not go Offline until exiting the airport area).
How pickup requests work

Pickups at the airport

It is easy to receive trip requests from riders leaving the Pittsburgh airport. However, these trips work a little differently than other requests.

Waiting for requests

Based on the operating agreement with the airport, the waiting area is located within the airport’s “Long Term Parking” lot. Upon entering the “Long Term Parking” area, drivers will be required to take a parking ticket from a ticketing machine. The exact location of the designated waiting area within the parking lot will appear within the Uber Driver app.

Drivers whose wait time is less than 1 hour will be able to exit using an automated ticketing machine. Drivers whose wait time is more than 1 hour will need to see a cashier and show an Uber trade dress in order to exit the lot.

Note: If a driver parks in the lot and leaves their vehicle for an extended period/overnight, they will be responsible for the parking fee. To avoid airport-issued fines and suspensions, be sure to display the Uber decal (trade dress) on the front passenger windshield facing outward.

At PIT, Uber’s technology uses a first-in-first-out (FIFO) queue. This means that, in order to receive a trip request, you need to enter the designated waiting area, located within a “FIFO zone”. You will then be placed in a virtual queue where the first driver to enter will be the first to receive a trip request.

Some things to know about FIFO queues:

  • Proximity to the terminal within the FIFO zone does not create an advantage for driver or move you closer to the top of the queue.
  • If there are no drivers in the FIFO zone, trip requests will go to Uber drivers in the area - outside of the FIFO zone - based on proximity and other factors.
  • You can lose your place in line if:
    • You go offline on your Uber Driver app
    • You drive outside the FIFO zone
    • You do not accept multiple incoming trip requests in a row
    • You cancel multiple rides (if the rider cancels, you will remain at the top of the queue)

Picking up your rider

Once you accept a trip request, the pickup location at PIT is located at Door 4 of the commercial curb located just past the taxi stand. At Door 4, you will see signage for rideshare pickups / loading zone. Please pull all the way over to the curb, do not stop or load in the active traffic lanes, or make any illegal turns while picking up your rider.

How dropoff requests work

Dropoffs at the airport

Uber is a reliable option for travelers heading to the airport.

Based on the operating agreement with the airport, riders can be dropped off at their requested terminal at the public passenger dropoff curb. If you’d like to receive a trip request afterward, you’ll need to keep the Uber Driver app on to maintain your place in the FIFO queue.

Uber staging lot at the airport

Pro tips

1) Driver cancellations: Trip cancellations can take away from the great Uber experience that both riders and drivers expect. Please remember that drivers who improperly use the app and intentionally disrupt the service, including excessively canceling rides or asking riders to cancel rides, may lose the ability to receive trip requests to and from the airport through the Uber Driver app.

2) Ground transportation and airport security staff: Airport rules are as important as traffic rules. Airports expect drivers to follow the instructions of the airport staff.

3) Getting your car ready: Air travelers can have lots of luggage with them, so you may need to free up trunk space to fit it all in.

4) Helping with luggage: It may take some time for riders to load their luggage into your vehicle. The airport is a busy place, so an extra set of hands can speed things up and help get your riders to their destination faster.

5) Identifying your riders: Asking your riders for their names before starting a trip can ensure that you’ve picked up the right person out of the crowd.

6) Making music optional: While tunes are nice to cruise to, riders may prefer silence after an early morning or late night flight. Asking them what they prefer can go a long way and help provide a great experience!

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