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uReturn Program

Our returnship program offers full time opportunities to experienced women who are on a career break and would like to return to the workforce. uReturn provides support for women to bounce back into their careers with confidence and comfort.

Why Uber

Removing barriers

Women who take a career break face additional scrutiny and barriers when they try to re-enter the workforce. Our uReturn program aims to remove these barriers by providing additional support to these women.

Full time opportunities

Unlike most traditional returnship programs, Uber offers all uReturnees permanent full time positions from day one of employment with additional support provided in the first 6 months as uReturnees transition back into the workforce.

Supportive community

uReturn candidates receive structured support to ensure a smooth transition, from interview preparation and refreshers on core analytical, coding and problem solving skills before interviewing, as well as formal mentoring from day one.

Turning work mode back on after a career break

Returning to work after a career break can be a daunting experience.

We spoke to Senior Engineering Manager and uReturn Program Lead, Jhansi Patnala, to hear her tips on how you can return to work with ease and ensure a smooth transition after you’ve landed the job.

Getting back to work after a 9 year career break

Yogitha Habbu, Hyderabad-based Software Engineer, shares how she felt recharged and rediscovered a sense of balance and purpose on her return to work after a 9 year career break.

“The nurturing and care-giving trait of my personality is fulfilled, so my return to the workforce was not just a professional milestone but also a deeply fulfilling personal journey. I returned to work with a sense of peace and purpose.”

Akhila shares her uReturn experience

Akhila Reddy, Hyderabad Site Program Manager, changed industries and joined Uber after a 2.5 year career break to start a family.

Hear about her experience and the support she received prior to and after joining Uber as part of the uReturn program.

“Joining Uber has been an immensely enriching journey. Uber didn't just welcome me back to work; but also helped me recognize my strength, adaptability, and courage.”

Pavitra’s normalising career breaks in tech

Bangalore-based Engineering Manager, Pavitra Muralidhar, joined Uber after a one year career break, to focus on raising her young kids and support them through school.

“Often, women are hesitant to take a break even when it gets overwhelming for them with kids and family pressures,” she shares. “I am really happy that I took that time to devote to my kids and can move forward in my career knowing that I have no regrets about not spending enough quality time with them while they were young.”

Program Overview

Register online

Registrations are open all-year round and valid for any roles currently open in any of our locations across India

Interview preparation

We will connect with uReturn candidates to provide additional 1:1 mentoring and support throughout the hiring process, including an interview preparation refresher

Skills refreshers

Refreshers on core analytical, coding and problem solving skills before participating in coding or other skills assessments


uReturnees will be set up with a mentor to guide them through their transition back into the workforce

Additional support

Monthly check-ins for the first 3 months with the uReturn core committee to understand progress and provide any additional support


We find that our uReturnee’s mentoring relationship often continues beyond the program and throughout their career at Uber

Come reimagine with us


  • uReturn is a returnship program established to support experienced women who are on a career break and would like to return to the workforce. Our uReturn program provides support for women to bounce back into their careers with confidence and comfort, through mentorship during the hiring process and for the first 6 months on the job.

    Mentoring continues throughout a uReturnee’s career and we encourage all uReturnees to join our Women at Uber ERG (employee resource group) which is dedicated to promoting the advancement of women at Uber.

  • Uber is providing permanent full-time opportunities for eligible candidates as part of the uReturn program.

  • Women who are currently on a career break of at least 6 months and have had prior professional experience of at least 3 years, are eligible to register.

  • Candidates can apply for roles in any function at any location across India.

  • To gain support through the uReturn program, just register online and apply directly to any roles you are interested in.

  • Our hiring process is the same as our regular process across all Uber roles. The difference for uReturn candidates is that you will have customized mentorship available to help you prepare for your interviews.

  • After the initial support during the hiring process, the uReturn program is a 6-month program during which you will have access to additional support to ensure a smooth transition back to the workforce.

  • uReturnees have access to the same flexibility options available to all Uber employees. These include hybrid work arrangements, flexible working hours and support from your leaders to manage your work-life balance.