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Safety & Insurance

at Uber

Uber is dedicated to keeping people safe on the road. The Safety & Insurance team sits at the core of Uber’s business. They're working to redefine what safety on the road means on a global scale.

Why Safety & Insurance at Uber?

Big Opportunities

Help change the way people and things move. Create a positive impact on the environment and the cities we live in by making them safer for everyone.

Impact & Reach

Design and implement solutions that are used by millions of our riders, delivery-partners, and driver-partners every day.

Smart Minds

Solve unique safety and societal challenges alongside some of the brightest people in the industry.

Meet the team

  • Frank Chang

    Director, Data Science

    “Safety and Insurance gives me and my team a playground to work on challenging problems. Every day we provide insights and design algorithms in an environment where events are rare and innovation is common. I get to work with amazing, passionate, and talented people to raise the bar on safety for all of our users.”

  • Brian Zhang

    Software Engineer

    "You won’t believe the transparency level which the leadership team brings to every employee in the weekly company-wide all-hands. This transparency requires a high level trust and makes everyone feel like a true owner."


  • paperclip

    Raising the bar on safety

    The Safety & Insurance team launched a series of product features to raise the bar on safety, including Ride Check in case of a possible crash, driver emergency button, and much more.

  • exit

    Ensuring independent drivers are not on their own

    We are announcing that we will provide a range of insurance coverage; including sickness, injury, and maternity & paternity payments for drivers across Europe when they are on and off the Uber app.

Explore our Safety & Insurance teams

Safety Brand

On the Safety Brand team, we work to align our global marketing teams to share our safety product features, efforts, and story with the world. We partner with industry experts in rider safety, human trafficking, and road safety to make the road safer for all.


On the Insurance team, we anticipate and minimize risks. We're ready to respond should things go wrong for riders, drivers, and the company.

Data Science

We provide both timely, accurate, and actionable insights, as well as analytical solutions that drive safety and deliver insurance.

Incident Response

You can count on us to deliver a fast, accurate, and empathetic response to every reported safety incident, while gathering robust data and insights that enable future incident prevention.

Safety Operations

We ensure our global rides and eats businesses operate with the highest possible safety standards

Safety Product

We leverage tech to help make Uber a trusted choice for accessing transportation, and support our customers with empathy and care when things go wrong.

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