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Riskalyze delights staff and clients with vouchers and gift cards

Founded in 2011, Riskalyze is a financial technology company that does just what its name suggests: it helps analyze the level of risk in investments. Its software benefits a variety of B2B customers, from financial advisers to asset managers.

With 200 employees spread across Atlanta, Philadelphia, Sacramento, and Poland, Riskalyze uses Uber for Business to provide a simple, cost-effective way to delight team members and clients wherever they work.

Riskalyze delivers business meals with Uber Eats

Riskalyze leverages Uber Eats to order meals for delivery to employees and event attendees. Dan Bolton, Managing Director of Customer Marketing, oversees the team responsible for events, customer engagement, press, and more.

He describes how the platform comes in handy often, like during a recent internal sales training: “My sales director asked what we were going to get for dinner, and I said we can get whatever anybody wants. And that’s just what we did.” In that vein, Bolton is also a proponent of the group ordering feature, which he says is “almost too easy. It feels like it should be harder to get everyone’s food figured out.”

The Vouchers program also keeps Bolton coming back to the platform: “It’s easy to use. I just put in the number of attendees I want to send to, how many times I want them to be able to use it, [set] the limit, and be done. I’ve never run into any issues with it, which is better than a lot of other products we use.”

He says the custom parameters also give him peace of mind, as he knows he will never exceed what he has to spend. “It’s great for budgeting and then recording it,” says Bolton. “I just get the receipts, and it’s easy to be done with it.”

Riskalyze rewards teams with Uber gift cards

On top of using the platform for ad hoc needs, Riskalyze also gives Uber gift cards to team members once or twice a quarter. Bolton says this has been a welcome perk, especially during the ongoing period of remote or hybrid work.

In the past, Riskalyze has also extended this benefit to a spouse or other family members as another way to take care of its people from afar.

Riskalyze offers event rides with Uber vouchers

In addition to vouchers for Uber Eats, Riskalyze has also experimented with using them on rides for client events, something they hope to do again as restrictions diminish. Bolton says he relies on additional custom parameters, like setting the usage location to a venue or specifying a certain distance to make sure the vouchers are only being used for the event.

In the end, it all comes down to having options. “You’ve got to offer people choice,” Bolton says. “Any tool that helps us fulfill the mission of giving customers and employees choice? We’re in.”

Delight your team with meals and rides

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